Moment dog is rescued after falling into icy canal while chasing ducks

Bella became trapped after plunging through the ice in the West Midlands.

Watch: Duck-chasing dog rescued from icy canal in West Midlands

This is the moment a dog was rescued by firefighters after falling into a freezing canal while chasing ducks.

Bella had become trapped after plunging through the ice near Greadier Street, in Willenhall, West Midlands, on Thursday.

The owner tried to rescue her pet but was forced to retreat because of the sub-zero temperatures.

Fire crews were called to the scene at 10.50am and eventually managed to get the animal to safety.

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Bella after being pulled from the freezing canal. (SWNS)
Bella after being pulled from the freezing canal. (SWNS)

Video footage captured the moment the dog was plucked from the icy waterway and reunited with her relieved owner who can be heard saying: "Hi baby, good girl."

A total of 18 firefighters initially tried to use a ladder to rescue Bella before using an inflatable device to bring her safely back to dry land.

The owner and dog were wrapped in foil blankets and warmed up in the back of a fire engine before crews left the scene at 12.25pm.

Mark Cundy, watch commander at Bloxwich Community Fire Station, shared footage of the rescue and said both dog and owner were doing well following their ordeal.

He said: "A great team effort from all mentioned crews using an inflatable ice path and Bella was pulled to safety.

"Owner and dog are both well. Great effort by all!"

A spokesman for West Midlands Fire Service added: "Keep your pup safe in winter weather. Avoid frozen rivers, lakes, ponds and canals.

"If your dog gets stranded on ice, or falls into freezing water, never go in after them. Inland, seek help from the fire service by dialling 999 or 112."

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Bella and the firefighters who rescued her. (SWNS)
Bella and the firefighters who rescued her. (SWNS)

Temperatures plunged below minus 10C in parts of the UK this week amid snow and icy conditions.

Forecasters have issued a further weather warning for fog this weekend – but said the UK is “over the worst” of the cold snap.

The Met Office said parts of England will be hit by difficult driving conditions while freezing temperatures could see untreated surfaces become slippery.

The yellow weather warning will be in place between 2am and 11am on Monday and covers areas in the south and east of the country, with Yorkshire down to East Anglia expected to see the densest fog.