Dominic Fike explains why Euphoria sober coach failed

Dominic Fike explains why Euphoria sober coach failed credit:Bang Showbiz
Dominic Fike explains why Euphoria sober coach failed credit:Bang Showbiz

Dominic Fike says his 'Euphoria' sober coach failed because they had "nothing in common".

The 28-year-old singer and actor played Elliot, a drug user who becomes romantically involved with Rue (Zendaya), in the second series of the show and Dominic revealed that show creator, Sam Levinson, tried to keep him sober in real life but it didn't work.

Speaking to Variety at the Sundance Film Festival, he said: "[The sober coach was] a random lady that I’d never relate to. We had nothing in common. We didn’t come from the same places or the same problems. It was hard to take advice from someone like that..."

And Dominic admitted it is unlikely he will return for season three, saying it "would be dope" but "I don’t really talk to them anymore".

Dominic previously spoke about how difficult he found it to film scenes as drug addict Elliot, which battling his own addictions in real life.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: "“I mean I was a drug addict and coming onto a show mainly about drugs was very difficult. Sam, the director and writer, he got me a sober coach, somebody to be there you know all the time. Did not work. I was so [messed] up during a lot of that show. It was really bad.

"I almost you know got kicked off the show. They were like, ‘Bro you cannot be doing this.'”

Admitting that he was high during some of the scenes, he added: "That’s entertainment dude. They give you a bunch of money, and they’re just like, ‘Yeah figure it out, bud. Sink or swim.'”

Fike dated his 'Euphoria' co-star Hunter Schafer in 2022 and admitted that the show helped to "fast track" their relationship.

He said: "You’re in this very sped-up form of intimacy like, just things move so much faster. I was saying it’s like getting naked in front of somebody, acting. You know you’re just doing this very silly thing, and you’re just forced to be like your silliest and like most vulnerable in front of somebody, and obviously that accelerates any sort of intimacy that there might already be and so relationships or flings are put on a fast track.”