Donald Glover's Mr and Mrs Smith series gets Rotten Tomatoes score

donald glover and maya erskine mr and mrs smith
Mr and Mrs Smith series gets Rotten Tomatoes scorePrime Video

Mr and Mrs Smith minor spoilers follow.

Donald Glover's highly-anticipated Mr and Mrs Smith reboot series has received an impressive score on Rotten Tomatoes as the series lands on Prime Video.

Starring Glover and Obi-Wan Kenobi's Maya Erskine, the series is inspired by 2005's Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie-led film of the same, with the series reimagining the story as two spies who are knowingly paired up to impersonate married couple John and Jane Smith.

As of the show's premiere today (February 2), Mr and Mrs Smith is currently sitting on an impressive score of 87% on the review aggregator site with 71 reviews at the time of writing.

Responses have hailed series co-creators Francesca Sloan and Glover's decision not to completely copy the original story, with Digital Spy writing that Mr and Mrs Smith wasn't "another bland export of the remake culture" in its review of the series.

donald glover, maya erskine, mr and mrs smith
Prime Vídeo

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The review adds: "While it borrows a jumping-off concept and two protagonist names from the original film, that's really where the similarities end."

Here's what some of the other critics have said.


"If you're expecting the movie with Brad and Angie recast, this is not that. It's turned something light and silly into a show that's dark, smart, and hard to categorise."


"Mr. & Mrs. Smith left plenty on the table when it left multiplexes nearly 20 years ago, and a new television series makes a convincing case the film's concept has always been better suited for another medium entirely...

"With a few extra hours of runtime, Mr. & Mrs. Smith builds John, Jane and their relationship into something worth caring about. This version may not make as many headlines as its predecessor, but it stands up far better to scrutiny."

donald glover and maya erskine mr and mrs smith
Prime Video

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Entertainment Weekly

"Fuelled by nimble writing and the natural chemistry of its two leads, Mr. & Mrs. Smith is the (very) rare reboot that both evolves and honours the original."


"While a little too conventional at times and sputtering in places, Mr. and Mrs. Smith is far more compelling than your average reboot of an action flick. So long as you're not expecting more of the same, it's worth giving this couple a shot."

Rolling Stone

"It cleverly inverts the movie's premise. It blends the best elements of retro TV and modern TV, and deftly balances the ridiculousness of the core idea with the danger of it. And if Glover and Erskine's chemistry isn't so scorching that you assume they must be getting together in real life, they play off each other incredibly well throughout. It's a whole lot of fun."

Mr and Mrs Smith is available to stream on Prime Video now.

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