Donald Trump Jokes About How Longtime Aide Could End His Career In A Flash

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump joked about exactly how his longtime adviser Dan Scavino could end his political career in a heartbeat.

Trump described Scavino as the “most powerful man in politics” during a speech at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, on Wednesday.

It’s because Scavino has access to, and thus the ability to post on, the former president’s social media accounts, said four-times-indicted Trump.

Scavino “could say, ‘I don’t like you voters, I don’t like you at all. I’m fed up with you. I can’t stand you,’” Trump told supporters. “And that’s the end of my political career.”

“Dan’s the only one that can do that,” he added.

Trump then imagined further what Scavino, who served as former deputy chief of staff for communications in his administration, could write:

“Dan could say something horrible, he could say something very sexually oriented and that, you know, would end it. OK? That would end it. But he hasn’t done that and he won’t do it.”

Watch the video here:

Don’t expect Scavino to nefariously hijack Trump’s Truth Social account anytime soon, though.

He’s loyally been by Trump’s side for years after first working as the then-businessman’s golf caddy as a teenager. He even postponed creating his own company to campaign for the then-reality TV personality in 2016.

And when asked by CNN during that election if there was “anything Trump could say or do that would cause” him to leave, he replied with one word: “No.”