Donald Trump Jr. Accidentally Insults His Dad In Botched Attempt To Dis DeSantis

Donald Trump Jr. tried to attack Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who this week announced he is running for the Republican presidential nomination in a glitch-filled rollout on Twitter.

But he inadvertently insulted his father, Donald Trump, instead.

The former president’s son called DeSantis “nasally” and “effeminate” during his podcast.

And at one point, he got the names mixed ― leading to this awkward moment:

(Let the record show that morticians can be perfectly charming and engaging.)

DeSantis was once a close ally of the former president and billed himself as a protégé in campaign ads in which he fawned over Trump.

But Trump last year began attacking DeSantis amid reports the governor might challenge him for the 2024 nomination. He took credit for DeSantis’ political career ― even claiming that DeSantis cried as he begged for an endorsement in the governor’s race ― and yesterday shared a bizarre video with Hitler and Satan participating in DeSantis’ campaign launch on Twitter.

Polls show the Florida governor well behind the former president among GOP primary voters.