Donny Deutsch Vanishes From ‘Morning Joe’ Panel After Critiquing Taylor Swift: ‘Donny You’re Canceled’ | Video

“Morning Joe” decided to make TV personality and podcaster Donny Deutsch disappear from Thursday’s panel after his negative comments regarding Taylor Swift’s Grammy Award acceptance speech, in which she announced her new album.

“This is probably the last time you will see me on TV because I’m going to be canceled,” Deutsch began. “I’m going to say something negative about Taylor Swift.”

This took co-host Willie Geist by surprise who chimed in with a shocked “Woah!”

“I thought her acceptance speech at the Grammys was really disappointing and tone-deaf,” Deutsch said in the segment, video of which you can watch below. “Just basically getting up there and instead of humbly thanking people, ‘And here’s the big news, my next album drops so and so’.”

Off-screen, someone on the “Morning Joe” set reminds Deutsch that her album will drop this April.

“Should I just stop right now before I’m canceled?” Deutsch asked sarcastically.

“No, it’s over already,” Geist replied. “You’re done.”

Deutsch then added, “So this will be my last appearance on Morning Joe.”

“She’s a human being. Can we not say, well, maybe she missed,” the panelist continued.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski pointed out that Swift was “onstage in front of millions of people. What better opportunity to announce your new album? Are you kidding?”

Deutsch shot back by saying that Swift is too big of a star to “always be selling.”

“What?!” Brzezinski responded with shock.

“I know you are listening to me. I know you are heeding my advice,” Deutsch said jokingly addressing Swift directly.

“Oh, OK wait, they’re actually taking me off the set right now,” Deutsch sarcastically said.

“He just got a blow dart in his neck,” Geist added.

Swift, “can make mistakes. She made a mistake, she’s not perfect,” Deutsch doubled down. “And as I said, you can see me online after this, as I’ll no longer be on ‘Morning Joe.’”

“Donny, you’re canceled,” Brzezinski said.

All of a sudden, Deutsch disappeared from the “Morning Joe” screen, with production jokingly erasing him from the episode to laughter from the panelists.

“I didn’t know we had a special effects budget,” Geist quipped.

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