Don't blame salary for poor football culture

Most professional footballers in the world are not making tons of money #football #yahoosports #footballingweekly #soccer

Video transcript

- Why does everything in Singapore have to come back to money? Why is it always money? And I'm going to put my angmoh hat on one time and say that almost every kid growing up in the UK, I guarantee you, is not thinking about money when they're kicking a ball around the park or the garden or the local whatever. They're not. Because there's a reason it's called the impossible dream, right? I looked this up.

0.012%, remember that. That's the number, the percentage of kids who actually play in the EPL in the UK. 180 of the 1.5 million boys playing organized football in the UK play a minute in the Premier League. 0.012%. You have got almost as much chance in the UK of being struck by lightning as you have of becoming an EPL footballer.

So this myth, this absolute myth that you're somehow on a better pathway in the UK than in Singapore is just that, a myth. If you want to be a professional footballer and earn a living out of it, just that, you've got more chance in Singapore than you have in England. So we have got to stop using this money argument as an excuse.