Dota 2 Arlington Major Day 10: PSG.LGD, Spirit, Aster in Top 3; OG, Beastcoast out

Only three teams remain standing after the penultimate day of the Dota 2 PGL Arlington Major. PSG.LGD await in the grand finals while Team Spirit and Team Aster will face off in the lower bracket finals. Pictured: Team Spirit Collapse, PSG.LGD Ame, Team Aster Monet. (Photos: Team Spirit, PSG.LGD, Perfect World Esports)
Only three teams remain standing after the penultimate day of the Dota 2 PGL Arlington Major. PSG.LGD await in the grand finals while Team Spirit and Team Aster will face off in the lower bracket finals. Pictured: Team Spirit Collapse, PSG.LGD Ame, Team Aster Monet. (Photos: Team Spirit, PSG.LGD, Perfect World Esports)

Only three teams remain standing after the penultimate day of the Dota 2 PGL Arlington Major: PSG.LGD, Team Spirit, and Team Aster.

PSG.LGD became the first team to reach the grand finals after they soundly swept The International 10 (TI10) champions Team Spirit in the upper bracket finals.

Meanwhile, Chinese powerhouse Team Aster rounded out the Top 3 by knocking out Stockholm Major champions OG, who had eliminated Beastcoast earlier in the day, in the lower bracket semifinals.

With today's results, PSG.LGD have guaranteed themselves at least a Top 2 finish as well as US$100,000 and 740 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) points. Of course, they have their sights set at the Arlington Major championship and now have it within reach.

Beastcoast exit the competition in 5th-6th place and with US$25,000 and 515 DPC points in consolation while OG bow out in 4th place and will go home with US$50,000 and 590 DPC points.

Lower bracket quarterfinals

OG 2-1 Beastcoast

The day started with the last lower bracket quarterfinal match between OG and Beastcoast, with the Stockholm Major champions knocking out the last South American team from the Major after a hard-fought 2-1 series.

OG came out swinging to start the series, as they dominated the laning stage and never looked back en route to a 36-minute victory.

OG's three cores all had double-digit kills to pace their team's 44-21 kill lead. Artem "Yuragi" Golubiev on Ursa led the way with 15 kills against two deaths, Ammar "ATF" Al-Assaf on an offlane Razor notched 14 kills against seven deaths, and Bozhidar "bzm" Bogdanov on Invoker had 10 kills against two deaths.

Beastcoast were quick to strike back in game two, outlasting OG in a 43-minute slugfest. Jean Pierre "Chris Luck" Salazar on a mid Razor had 17 kills against four deaths to pace his team's 37-29 kill lead while Héctor "K1" Rodríguez on Ursa pitched in with 11 kills against four deaths.

OG closed out the series in style, bulldozing through Beastcoast in a 44-minute bloodbath. Bzm put on a masterful performance on Ember Spirit to fuel his team's dominant showing in the decider, racking up 27 kills and 23 assists.

Yuragi on Arc Warden and ATF on Timbersaw were no slouches either, as they both had 12 kills apiece to add to OG's 58-25 kill lead to close out the series.

Upper bracket finals

PSG.LGD 2-0 Team Spirit

The second match of the day was a rematch of the TI10 grand finals. But this time it was PSG.LGD who emerged victorious in a dominant 2-0 sweep to advance to the grand finals and send Team Spirit down to the lower bracket finals.

The series opened with an action-packed game one, as Team Spirit took over the early to mid stages of the game as Magomed "Collapse" Khalilov on Mars and Miroslaw "Mira" Kolpakov on Marci fueled their aggression.

However, the TI10 champions were unable to get a commanding lead as Zhang "Faith_bian" Ruida on Timbersaw repeatedly halted their momentum and gave Wang "Ame" Chunyu's Phantom Assassin enough space to farm up.

Once Ame came online, PSG.LGD dominated the teamfights. Faith_bian and Cheng "NothingToSay" Jin Xiang's Tiny proved to be an indomitable front line, letting Ame wreak havoc on Team Spirit unchallenged.

The Chinese juggernauts eventually forced the GG call from their opponents after 40 minutes of action. Faith_bian notched a series-high 12 kills against three deaths to pace PSG.LGD's 32-24 kill lead.

Game two was a similar story, with both teams standing on equal footing until the midgame, when PSG.LGD started to bulldoze through Team Spirit. Faith_bian on Dawnbreaker once again showed out, scoring a double Rampage in the decisive clash of the game that eventually led to a 49-minute victory for his team.

PSG.LGD's three cores overwhelmed their opponents, with Ame on Faceless Void, NothingToSay on Storm Spirit, and Faith_bian racked up 11 kills apiece to stuff the final 38-23 kill score in favor of the Chinese juggernauts.

Lower bracket semifinals

Team Aster 2-1 OG

The final series of the day saw Team Aster overcome OG in a hard-fought 2-1 slugfest to reach the Top 3.

Aster looked dominant to start the match, as they took control from the laning phase onwards and forced out the GG call from OG after a 35-minute beatdown.

Du "Monet" Peng had a phenomenal showing on Troll Warlord, notching 16 kills against just one death to fuel Aster's 35-18 kill lead in game one. Zeng "Ori" Jiaoyang on a mid Pudge also pitched in with eight kills against one death.

Aster kept their momentum going into game two and were poised to secure the 2-0 series sweep after another dominant laning stage.

However, OG were able to mount a comeback with some well-executed teamfights in the midgame and eventually forced the series to a decider after 34 minutes of action.

With a spot in the final day of the Major on the line, both teams gave it their all in a slugfest of a game three.

Aster once again held control after the laning stage and looked dominant in the teamfights. But OG somehow managed to split the map effectively and lead in net worth despite a significant deficit in kills.

That wasn't enough to stop Aster's onslaught, however, as Monet's Faceless Void and Xxs' Brewmaster barrelled through OG in the clashes while Ori dished out damage from the backlines as Zeus.

Despite a valiant effort from the Stockholm Major champions, their Chinese opponents eventually ground them down after a 51-minute nail-biter and forced them to concede the series.

Monet had a stellar performance to lead Aster to a spot in the Top 3, finishing with 22 kills and 22 assists against just one death.

Here's how the Arlington Major Playoff bracket looks like as Day 10 came to a close:

(Photo: PGL)
(Photo: PGL)

The final day of the Arlington Major will begin with the best-of-three lower bracket finals between Team Spirit Team Aster.

The winner will advance to the grand finals against PSG.LGD while the loser will bow out of the tournament in third place and with US$75,000 and 670 DPC points in consolation.

The Arlington Major grand finals will be a best-of-five series, with the victors claiming the Arlington Major championship as well as the grand prize of US$200,000 and 820 DPC points. The loser will have to settle for second place as well as US$100,000 and 740 DPC points in winnings.

The Arlington Major is the second and final Dota 2 Major of the 2021-2022 DPC season.

The tournament features 17 of the best Dota 2 teams in the world fighting for their slice of the US$500,000 prize pool and 4,570 DPC point pool.

More importantly, the Arlington Major is the last chance for teams to secure a coveted direct invite to TI11, Dota 2's marquee million-dollar world championship tournament.

For everything you need to know about the Arlington Major, check here.

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