Dr. Drew Says ‘Baby Reindeer’ Stalker Could Have Severe Personality Disorder, Richard Gadd Might Be Distorting Reality | Video

All eyes were on “Piers Morgan Uncensored” this week when the real-life woman believed to be the inspiration for Martha in Netflix hit “Baby Reindeer” sat down for an interview. Drew Pinsky, the reality show personality known as Dr. Drew, appeared on the show the following day commenting on the discussion and saying the woman – Fiona Harvey – might be distorting reality.

“There’s sort of three possibilities: she’s lying, she’s truthful, or she has something called anosognosia which is a block in the ability to see reality,” Pinsky said. “Serious mental illness, serious personality disorders literally distort reality and cannot assess it accurately.”

Morgan commented on Harvey’s clear intellect and the way she conducted herself throughout the interview. The host asked Pinsky what his read on her was as an individual.

“I’ve not assessed her so I have no direct knowledge but there really are three possibilities: truthful, lying, or a severe personality disorder,” he said. “Consider things like associative identity disorder where people really don’t even remember what they’ve been doing so you’re talking to somebody who’s in a different reality.”

Pinsky went on to say that “Baby Reindeer” creator and star Richard Gadd – who plays a very of himself in the series – also could be distorting reality.

“The stuff as he is portrayed in the series, he has some significant stuff as well,” Pinsky said. “So what he is portraying as reality may also be distorted.”

“Baby Reindeer” has been at the middle of a media storm since it’s rise in popularity after debuting on Netflix almost a month ago. That frenzy led to Morgan’s interview with Harvey. Much of Morgan’s discussion with her centered around whether or not she sent over 41,000 emails to Gadd – something she initially denied before walking back. She also revealed she has no plans to watch the show.

“No, I think I’d be sick,” she told Morgan. “It’s taken over enough of my life. I find it quite obscene. I find it horrifying, misogynistic. Some of the death threats have been really terrible online. People phoning me up. You know, it’s been absolutely horrendous.”

For Gadd, the show’s success came as quite a surprise compared to it’s beginnings. He spoke during a Q&A about the show in Los Angeles this week and said he went to an “obsessive” place while working on the series.

“I wrote a lot of it literally surrounded by white walls on a garden deck chair and a laptop on my lap,” he said. “It’s amazing I didn’t go insane. It was a crazy, mad thing. I had to go into a very obsessive place. I did mad hours on it. My best writing was like, 5 a.m. onwards. I would get up at half four and obsessively write almost til I went to bed the next day.”

Watch the entire “Piers Morgan Uncensored” panel on the Harvey interview below:

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