Dr Michael Mosley tribute show moves viewers to tears

BBC documentary The Doctor Who Changed Britain celebrated the career of the TV star who died aged 67 after going missing on holiday in Greece.

Dr Michael Mosley in  Trust Me I'm a Doctor
Viewers moved by tribute show to Dr Michael Mosley. (BBC)

A tribute to show to the late Dr Michael Mosley moved viewers to tears.

BBC documentary The Doctor Who Changed Britain celebrated the career of the TV star who died aged 67 after going missing on holiday in Greece. Hosted by academic and TV presenter Hannah Fry the half hour show reminded viewers of the many health experiments Mosley had taken part in over the years, in a bid to help others benefit from his own quest to improve his health.

In one haunting segment Mosley was shown showing his wife Clare, a GP, how he had improved his own life expectancy by lowering his body fat through intermittent fasting. The doctor was remembered as a reassuring and familiar face to many who "making a difference to people lives" and "who leaves Britain better."

Horizon: How to Sleep Well with Michael Mosley,31-03-2022,Dr Michael Mosley,Picture shows: Dr Michael Mosley with CT scan machine,Storyboard Studios,Mya Padget
Dr Michael Mosley shared his own quests to improve his health with others in a bid to help them. (BBC)

Mosley died aged 67, on Wednesday 5 May, just two and a half hours after leaving his wife on St Nicholas Beach, the same day he was reported missing on the Greek island, Symi. His body was found four days later and an inquest ruled he died of natural causes.

In a change to schedules the BBC aired a special tribute to him on Friday night. The documentary charted his career, recalling some of his earlier more outlandish medical experiments, which included swallowing a tape worm and making and eating black pudding from his own blood.

Mosley was a recognisable TV personality, having made many appearances on shows including This Morning and The One Show, fronting Channel 4 shows Secrets Of Your Big Shop and Who Made Britain Fat? Previously, and also presenting BBC show Trust Me, I'm A Doctor.

The documentary charted how Mosley developed his 5:2 diet, championing the benefits of intermittent fasting after he was told he was on the verge of developing Type 2 diabetes. After trying the diet he showed his wife Clare how his cancer risk had halved after losing a stone in weight and 27 per cent body fat through intermittent fasting. She said: "You're looking good on it. That's really amazingly good news."

Mosley also worked on improving his sleep through taking probiotics, cold water swimming trying HIT exercise - just three minutes of High Intensity exercise a week. And during the pandemic he shared simple health tips to improve lives and bodies in his podcast Just One Thing.

The documentary ended saying: "He took every opportunity to open our eyes to a better way of living. Never telling but encouraging. A nudge to do that just one thing. Touching millions of lives in the most modest of ways Dr Michael Mosley achieved what so many broadcasters dream of. He made a difference to peoples lives. And in doing that for so many people for so many years, he leaves Britain for the better."

FILE PICS. 6th June, 2024. Television presenter, Dr Michael Mosley has been reported missing whilst out walking on the Greek Island of Symi. Buckinghamshire, UK. 5th June, 2013. British television presenter and journalist, Dr Michael Mosley, at home in Buckinghamshire with his wife Dr Clare Mosley. Maureen McLean/Alamy
Dr Michael Mosley with his wife Dr Clare Mosley. (Alamy)

Viewers were moved to ears by the documentary.

One wrote on social media platform X: "Feeling tearful watching Michael Mosley right now .what a man, just as his wife says. Funny, brilliant. I always knew it but watching his best bits, it is so tough to know he’s gone at just 67" Another said: "Just watching the tribute to #MichaelMosley on @BBCOne what a legacy he leaves but so very sad that he is no longer with us. I didn’t know him but somehow you felt you did. Sleep well Michael" One commented: "A lovely tribute to Michael Mosley on BBC One. The thing that radiates through is not only how good a broadcaster he was, it was also how he was a people person. He just surrounded himself with others." And another posted: "Watching #MichaelMosley on @BBCOne What a man he was! Such a loss to the medicine and science world. Rest Easy big fella"

And some were shocked to be reminded of some of Mosley's past experiments.

One exclaimed: "Christ I had forgotten how many gross things he did! #MichaelMosley #TheDoctorWhoChangedBritain"

Dr Michael Mosley: The Doctor Who Changed Britain is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.