Drew Carey dreams of dying on stage clutching a microphone!

Drew Carey dreams of dying on stage holding a microphone.

‘The Price is Right’ host, 65, said he’s hell-bent on never giving up the TV job and constantly thinks about how he wants to shuffle off while fronting the game show.

He told People: “Thoughts of dying on stage with a microphone in my hand have gone through my mind.

“I never want to leave. I’m having such a good time there. Everybody treats me great and the cast is great and the production office is great.

“I really feel supported and loved there and wanted. When you’re 65 and in the entertainment business, you don’t really get that that often.

“I’m in a pretty rare situation so I wanna keep that going as long as I can.”

Drew took over hosting CBS’ ‘TPIR’ in 2007 from Bob Barker – who died last year aged 99 – and has since revamped the show with a new set, logo and theme music.

Despite loving the job, Drew told how he initially turned down the chance to take over from Bob.

He added: “I said, f– no. I just wanted to be able to do things that were fun and interesting instead of having a ‘job-job’ or something I had to do every day, because I just had, after being on ‘The Drew Carey Show’ and everything, I was done with the idea of just being on a show forever.”

Drew changed his mind after he realised how much cash he would need to fund his dream of owning a major league soccer tea.

The comic – who is now a minority owner of the Seattle Sounders FC – added: “I knew how much money it was going to take for that to happen. Then one of the show’s producers asked me what my favourite thing to do was.

“I go, ‘I love leaving big tips when I go to restaurants.’

“‘Well, if you work on ‘The Price is Right’, you’ll be able to do that all the time for a living,’ they said. ‘Just give out things.’

“That was the light bulb that went off in my head.

“I could just make a living giving prizes to people and being around happy people all day.

“I met (my agent) at a steakhouse. And I go, ‘I think I want to be the host of ‘The Price is Right.’

“He shook my hand and goes, ‘Well, there’s your soccer money.’”