Driver charged for Lucky Plaza car crash that killed two Filipino domestic helpers

Fatal accident at Lucky Plaza on 29 December 2019. (Screenshot: Emily Baltazar/YouTube)
Fatal accident at Lucky Plaza on 29 December 2019. (Screenshot: Emily Baltazar/YouTube)

SINGAPORE — The driver accused of killing two women and injuring four others in a car accident at Lucky Plaza in December last year was charged in the State Courts on Wednesday (2 September).

Singapore permanent resident Chong Kim Hoe, 64, was charged with three counts of dangerous driving under the Road Traffic Act.

The charges state that around 4.59pm on 29 December, Chong engaged the accelerator while making a U-turn at Nutmeg Road behind Lucky Plaza. He then allegedly drove onto the footway by Nutmeg Road, through a guard rail and onto the service road of Lucky Plaza.

The Malaysian is said to have collided into Arceli Picar Nucos, 56; Egnal Layugan Limbauan, 44; and Laila Flores Laudencia, 44, causing them grievous hurt. He also collided and caused hurt to Demet Limbauan Limbauan, 37. Through the same manner, Chong is said to have caused the death of Abigail Danao Leste, 41, and Arlyn Picar Nucos, 50.

All six victims are domestic workers from the Philippines.

Videos of the incident were circulated on social media – one appeared to be CCTV footage showing a car moving off from a drop-off point outside the Lucky Plaza apartment block, along Nutmeg Road, before making a U-turn and accelerating onto a footpath.

The car was then seen driving into a group of people before crashing through a railing and landing on a road below which led to the Lucky Plaza car park.

A police prosecutor said that they had a plea offer which will proceed on the charge of causing death and take into consideration the other two charges.

Chong’s case has been fixed for a pre-trial conference on 25 September.

Chong’s charges are under three subsections of dangerous driving. If he is convicted of dangerous driving causing death, he may be jailed between two and eight years. If convicted of dangerous driving causing grievous hurt, he may be jailed between one and five years. If convicted of dangerous driving causing hurt, he may be jailed up to two years and/or fined up to $10,000.

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