Dua Lipa wrote '97 songs' for her new record

Dua Lipa is preparing to release a new album credit:Bang Showbiz
Dua Lipa is preparing to release a new album credit:Bang Showbiz

Dua Lipa "wrote 97 songs" for her new album.

The 28-year-old singer has been working on her new record for years, and Dua has revealed that she's been busily writing songs in a "random notebook" that she bought at a CVS store in the US.

Asked about her song-writing process on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', Dua replied: "I started writing for this album in 2021, and I just wanted to write my ideas down. So I went down to CVS, and I just bought a random notebook.

"Had I have known how important that book would have been, maybe I would have gotten a more fancy one."

Dua subsequently admitted that she loves shopping at the pharmaceutical chain.

She shared: "I love CVS. I'm obsessed with it. There's nothing like a CVS, going in and buying a bunch of stuff you don't need."

Dua has actually written all of her latest tunes in the notebook.

The award-winning star - who plans to released her new record later this year - said: "It's got every single song I've written for this album ... I wrote 97 songs."

Asked if any of the songs are terrible, Dua replied: "Yes, about 80 of them."

Meanwhile, Dua believes she can tell immediately whether a song will be a hit or not.

The London-born star - who released her last album, 'Future Nostalgia', in 2020 - said: "The second I write a song, I know whether it's good or not, or whether it's close to being good. Then I would rework it.

"Every song in this album, unlike any of the other records I've made, I've gone in and rewritten it over and over again until I felt it was perfect, which I didn't have the confidence to do on my previous records."