Dune 2 lands near-perfect Rotten Tomatoes rating after first reviews

timothee chalamet as paul atreides, zendaya as chani, dune part two
Dune 2 lands near-perfect Rotten Tomatoes scoreWarner Bros.

Dune: Part Two has received a near-perfect Rotten Tomatoes score in its ecstatic first reviews.

The science fiction epic — which is adapted from Frank Herbert's Dune book series — has one of the most star-studded casts in recent memory, led by Timothee Chalamet as the heroic Paul Atreides.

Director and co-writer Denis Villeneuve's Dune: Part Two brings back returning favourites like Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson and Dave Bautista for an intergalactic saga that introduces newcomers Austin Butler, Florence Pugh and Anya Taylor-Joy.

In this instalment, Paul must unite the Fremen to take revenge on House Harkonnen for destroying his family's legacy.

timothee chalamet as paul atreides, dune part two
Warner Bros.

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In Digital Spy's review, our own Mireia Mullor called Dune: Part Two a "near-perfect sci-fi epic" packed with "an impressive cast, breathtaking visuals and glorious sandworms".

"Dune: Part Two shares the same strength as its predecessor — it's an absolutely stunning spectacle with jaw-dropping visual effects," Mireia wrote.

"Every single craft working in the movie (otherworldly costumes, hair and make-up, as well as gorgeous photography and haunting sound) is at the top of the game, creating an almost immersive and believable experience for the story to come alive."

The film has scored an impressive 97% on Rottem Tomatoes as of this writing — check out a sampling of early reviews below:

austin butler as feydrautha harkonnen, lea seydoux as lady margot fenring, dune part two
Warner Bros.

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New York Times

"Villeneuve has made a serious, stately opus, and while he doesn't have a pop bone in his body, he knows how to put on a show as he fans a timely argument about who gets to play the hero now."


"Movies are always enjoyed best on the biggest screen, but never has a movie demanded an IMAX screen more than Dune: Part Two. Get yourself to the biggest screen you can to enjoy this."


"This is a real epic and it is exhilarating to find a film-maker thinking as big as this."


"You might expect a big-budget space opera to exhilarate you and move you, and on those terms Villeneuve's sprawling, pretentious folly has to count as an abject failure. But if you want to feel awestruck, that's another matter."

zendaya as chani, timothee chalamet as paul atreides, dune part two
Warner Bros.

The Playlist

"Reminiscent of the way Zack Snyder always goes maximum-effort operatic, but with a sense of discerning taste, Denis Villeneuve's film is ultimately awe-inspiring and an immersive cinematic spectacle that is often breathtaking."


"Another epic helping of sci-fi wildness from Denis Villeneuve that'll take true believers to paradise — even if it's a bit too much Spice to digest in one sitting."


"A sci-fi epic for the ages: a sweeping tragedy of mythic proportions, a cautionary tale of the perils of zealotry. It's a towering feat of sci-fi cinema that will put Dune: Part Two in contention for the pantheon of greatest sequels ever."

florence pugh as princess irulan, dune part two
Warner Bros.

The Film Verdict

"After somewhat laboriously placing [their] chess pieces on the board in the first Dune, Villenueve and co-screenwriter Jon Spaihts send them into strategic alliances and conflicts, and the results are often breathtaking."

These reviews echo hugely positive first reactions to Dune: Part Two following its UK premiere last week, where the sequel was called a "masterclass" and a "monumental cinematic achievement".

Dune: Part Two is released in cinemas on March 1.

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