Eagles WR A.J. Brown nearly hit by car during charity bike ride

The offseason can be dangerous for NFL players, which A.J. Brown learned firsthand Saturday.

The Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver was participating in the team's annual Eagles Autism Challenge race, riding his bike on the route, when he decided to document the event on Instagram Live. He had just started talking to the camera when an outburst of movement and sound sends the phone flying.

About 30 minutes after that tweet was posted, Brown tweeted from his own account. Thankfully, he's fine. The only thing that hit the ground was the phone, and not the two-time Pro Bowler.

Teams implore players to stay safe during the offseason, when they're being monitored far less (or not all) than they are during the regular season. Sometimes the risks are so great that teams actually ban players from doing certain activities. The Cleveland Browns banned defensive end Myles Garrett from playing basketball during the offseason several years ago because they were afraid he might injure himself during games.

Riding a bike, even in a charity race, is about as normal as playing basketball. But it doesn't seem likely the Eagles will ban him from doing that. The near-miss happened at a team charity event, after all. But does that mean it's a good idea to whip out your phone to record a quick video while you're on a bike ride? Probably not!

Brown did have one "clue" to share about the car.

Looks like Brown is already getting Eagles fans riled up and ready for their Week 9 matchup against the Dallas Cowboys.