Echelon 2014: Top 50 startups confirmed


e27 revealed 25 of the Top 50 startups making it to the Startup Marketplace at Echelon 2014. Check out the rest here

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Previously, e27 brought you, our dear readers, the first 25 startups selected to exhibit in the Startup Marketplace at Echelon 2014. Now, with the Marketplace getting bigger and better this year, we’re pleased to bring you 27 additional companies that will be exhibiting this June 10-11, at the Max Atria room in the Singapore Expo.

For 2014, Echelon will feature panels and speeches from founders, investors, and thought leaders from all over the world. In addition, we will be holding a combined exhibition, comprised of both Startup Marketplace and Tech Alley. The former is a place for startups that have passed our stringent selection process to showcase themselves and their products, and the latter is reserved for bigger enterprises to showcase their offerings.

Without further ado, let us introduce the 27 additional startups that will be exhibiting at Echelon. Do look out for more interviews with startups, speakers and sponsors as we countdown to Echelon 2014!

Here is the list of the remaining top 50 startups confirmed for Startup Marketplace:

1. iCHEF – This Taiwan-based startup aims to revolutionise restaurant point-of-sales (POS) systems, by making it easier and more convenient to enter and manage orders. Does your favourite restaurant keep getting your orders mixed up? Tell them to check out the iPad-based iChef!

2. Publishizer – Branded as a Kickstarter for books, Publishizer is a crowdfunding platform for authors to solicit pre-orders from the community and gauge demand for their books. It was founded by Guy Vincent in 2010, and is the winner of Singapore Echelon Satellite 2014. Who knew there were so many potential writers in Echelon!

3. Spavista – Overwhelmed by the sheer number of spas and not sure which to choose, as so many of them are expensive? Founded in December 2012 by Ken Suriafur, Indonesia-based Spavista aims to make searching for spas, fitness centres and salons easy and convenient.

4. Zipmatch – Zipmatch aims to revolutionise and automate the process by which people find their dream home. Having received funding from 500Startups and IdeaSpace, they are currently looking to scale their business and team, expanding beyond their home base of the Philippines.

5. Ritmo Learning Lab – Another Philippines-based startup, Ritmo Learning Lab is the developer behind Joomajam, a music-driven multimedia preschool learning tool. Written with age appropriate life skills and concepts, Joomajam is sure to get your kids toe-tapping while learning about themselves & the world at large!

6. Novitat co. ltd – Novitat is the developer of SkyPACS, a low cost and customizable mobile solution for radiologists and medical doctors to view medical images 3D. Now, doctors can look at that suspicious lump in your body and better determine if it is benign, or whether it will shorten your life by being made up of cancerous cells.

7. - Led by serial entrepreneur Darius Cheung, this room rental platform doesn’t plan to generate revenue for the next six months. Given that they have recently received funding of about US$560,000 from investors including Fenox VC, and Golden Gate Ventures, they certainly can afford to look for a viable, sustainable monetisation plan.

8. Mechanical Amoeba Ltd – Mechanical Amoeba is the company behind Ipselex, an intelligent patent SaaS system that utilises big data and AI techniques to minimise the costs of patent applications. No longer will the little SMEs be at the mercy of large corporations when it comes to product patent protection.

9. Kadinche – Founded in 2008, Kandinche is the developer of Panoplaza, which is a product that helps customers view and shop for goods virtually, using a panoramic view of storefronts. Now boyfriends the world over need not worry about lengthy walks around malls; instead they should keep an eye on electricity and internet charges!

10. The French Cellar – Have a taste for fine French wine? Check out The French Cellar’s wine subscription service, where they will send you two bottles of French wines imported straight from vineyards, carefully selected by their in-house sommelier Nicolas Rebut, previously Chief Sommelier at two three-star Michelin restaurants.

11. Shepherd Kit – Even as kids are getting all tech-savvy and glued to their (parents’) smartphones and tablets, one company still believes in good old hands-on learning. By subscribing to Shepherd Kit, parents give their children a chance to make their own toys, letting them have fun while learning, and finally get their sticky hands off Dad’s shiny new Samsung Galaxy s5.

12. Kluje – Launched just this year, Singapore-based Kluje provides you with a reliable and easy way to find contractors for your home improvement projects. With their rating and testimonial system, no longer will you have to endure bad service and shoddy work from Phua Chu Kang wannabes!

13. TalentEx Co ltd – Did you get your last job through your network of friends and business associates? TalentEx’s JobTalents, a Thailand-based online meeting place for job seekers and employers, aims to use social media and referrals to make the best matches for skills and talents.

14. iCallMe – Absent-minded? Having a hard time remembering events and things? With iCallMe, you can arrange to receive reminder calls. If you still forget stuff, though, iCallMe has another feature: it can also create fake calls to extricate yourself from sticky situations. So next time, if your wife confronts you about forgetting her birthday…

15. Zodio - Zodio is a is a social location-based platform that helps people discover places around them using ratings and recommendations from their friends. Currently, they are active in Thailand and the Philippines, and boast over 150,000 users as of August 2013. With Zodio, you’ll never need to worry about where to eat and what to do again!

16. Mappin – Created by app developer startup Stealth Mode, Mappin aims to be a social map application to help people create, share and find information on any topic on a map surface with their mobile phone. Their app is still in development, so feel free to download a beta version, give your feedback, and help them make a better product.

17. Softbaked – Softbaked is the company behind Page365, a Thailand-based e-commerce startup that offers hand-crafted solutions for Facebook stores. Offering automatic responses, integrated billing, and analytics, Page365 lets small e-commerce sites have an online presence comparable to big brands on Facebook.

18. Commerce Labs – Commerce Labs is the developer behind AproGift, a social gifting plugin for e-commerce sites. With AproGift, you can invite your friends and colleagues to chip in for gifts and gift suggestions, simultaneously reducing costs and liability for when the recipient doesn’t like the gift.

19. ShopperBoard – Shopperboard is a pinboard where users can collect their favourite fashion items from any online store, where others can follow for style inspiration. Unlike Pinterest. ShopperBoard lets users purchase those products directly by linking to the stores directly. Now you can create a wishlist for yourself!

20. Leerit Private Limited – Leerit is a Vietnam-based startup that aims to make learning English easier. Using its Smart MCQ system, Leerit lets students acquire sophisticated vocabulary by intelligent scheduling and review, such that mnemonic ability is maximised.

21. Pricify – Have you always wanted to buy something, but kept putting it off because you’re waiting for a sale? And that you just missed out on the sales period for some reason or another? Never fear, as Pricify is here to help! With an alert system to inform you of deals, you don’t have to miss out on another sale again!

22. Hoverr – Hoverr is an in-image ad serving solution for brands and e-commerce advertisers. With Hoverr, advertisers can embed ads inside highly-shared photos, such as those of celebrities, improving reach and reducing the obstrusiveness of ads.

23. Tootpay Sdn Bhd -Tootpay is a mobile financial solution that aims to remove barriers to mobile banking and payment. To do this, Tootpay offers mobile-enabled banking and wallet systems, allowing financial institutions and e-commerce firms reach out to mobile users and offer value added payment services.

24. Butlur – Echelon 2014 seems to have a surfeit of gifting startups. Racking your brains over what to give your girlfriend? With Hong Kong-based Butlur, you can shop a curated selection of thoughtful gifts, ensuring that your date will always be pleased! It also provides a refund system, for when your taste really leaves much to be desired.

25. Anywhere togo co. tld – Anywhere togo is the developer of ilertu, an app that lets users keep track of their loved ones, and sends alerts whenever they encounter any problems. Based in Thailand, ilertu is particularly useful for caretakers, who need to be sure of where their charges are at at any point of time.

26. Tokofbku – Pronounced “Toko-F-B-ku”, Tokofbku aims to provide small merchants an inexpensive and powerful e-commerce solution. To do this, Tokofbku will make use of Facebook pages to create online shops, taking care of analytics, payment, and marketing, letting sellers reach out to the many users of Facebook.

27. Dipify Media – Dipify is an app that aims to bring people with the same interests together. Are you doing something awesome? Dipify can introduce you to other people interested in the same awesome thing! Best of all, everything is real-time and they don’t store your data, so you can rest assured they wouldn’t have all the numbers of your exes!

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