Eddie Murphy Outraged by ‘Golden Bachelor’ Couple’s Breakup: ‘What Kind of S–t Is That?’

Eddie Murphy said he’s “ashamed” to admit what he usually watches on TV in a conversation for the New York Times’ “The Interview” podcast. But there is one reality series the actor copped to enjoying: “The Golden Bachelor.” Just like viewers across the country, he was outraged when Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist called things off. “What kind of s–t is that?” he asked.

“I watched that, I was like, ‘This is so nice, they found love in the second part of their life.’ Then I find out these motherf–kers broke up three months later!”

Murphy also said he watches “Family Feud” each night at 6 p.m., right before dinner, and that he enjoys “The Masked Singer.”

“My wife and I, we watch all of those shows, the singing competitions and that kind of stuff,” Murphy shared.

Elsewhere in the interview, Murphy revealed that he’s “so out of touch” with young celebrities. “Is there some 21-, 20-year-old that’s on the scene that I’m calling my agent going, ‘Hey?’ Absolutely not … I ask my wife, who’s this person? She’ll be like, ‘They’re the biggest thing in the world.'”

The “Beverly Hills Cop” star also admitted to being a “supersensitive artist” and said, “I can pick up energy. If I walk in a room, I can tell who’s getting ready to come over and say something and who’s trying to act like they don’t care that I’m there. It’s why being at awards shows — the most horrible energy in the world is a room full of famous people going through their whole famous thing: who’s the most famous and who’s cool and who’s not. I hate that feeling.”

When it comes to people who have enjoyed his work over the years, Murphy said he never “takes audiences into consideration.” He made the explanation in response to a question about opting not to appear in the popular “Celebrity Jeopardy” sketch when he returned to guest host “SNL.”

“I’m like, ‘This is what I’m doing.’ If the audience likes it, great, and if they don’t like it, everything isn’t for everybody,” Murphy said. “I’m not that needy comic; they were laughing from the very beginning. I never went through that period that comics go through where you’re trying to find what’s funny about me and trying to get laughs and bombing and all that.”

You can read or listen to the full interview with Eddie Murphy here.

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