Edison Chen caught with 16-year-old girl

3 Nov – It looks like Edison Chen has become embroiled, once again, in another sex photo scandal, this time with a girl that would be considered a minor in most countries, 16-year-old model Cammi Tse, according to the Daily Chilli website.

Recently, it was revealed that the 31-year-old had dated 16-year-old model Cammi after a photo of the couple kissing was leaked online.

Edison's ex-lover Gloria Wong was reported to have criticized the singer-actor for being "sick" and "morbid".

To that, Edison expressed, "I had mixed feelings after reading the reports. I broke up with Vincy Yang about six months ago. I felt horrible about falling out of love. When I met Cammi, I thought we could give it a try. We had just begun our relationship when [the leaking of the photo] happened. I've nothing more to say, other than I'm currently single. Thank you for your concern."

Their steamy text messages were also exposed, in which Edison begged Cammi to bring uniforms and swimming suits when she came to his house.

Cammi also admitted that she dated Edison, but had split up with him.

"I was really scared, when the matter was exposed. It came so suddenly. I still cannot accept that this is reality. All I can say is I dated him previously, but we've broken up. Thank you for your concern," the young girl said.

Cammi, whose eyes were red and swollen when interviewed by the media Tuesday evening, confirmed she had lost her cell phone and the photos were of her.

She said there were no sex or nude shots on her phone, but she hopes whoever picked it will stop circulating her photos.

It is understood that Cammi is one of the members of Fantasy, a group made up of young models, she is from Hong Kong where the legal age for consent of sexual activity is 16.

In the report an unnamed female celebrity also disclosed that Edison has a craze of buying girls underwear on the Internet.