Edison's apology

9 Dec – After reading story after story about Edison Chen's scandal with 16-year-old model Cammie Tse, finally, more than a month later, Chen finally spoke up, apologizing for the intimate pictures on the Internet, according to Daily Chilli.

The scandal with Tse is not the first for the Hong Kong bad boy star, whose showbiz career was ruined three years ago when he was caught in compromising positions with a string of Hong Kong female celebrities like Gillian Chung and Cecilia Cheung in a group of leaked pictures obtained from his computer.

However, he soon returned to the Hong Kong entertainment industry in 2010, only for it to be short-lived.

Recently, at a MTV event in Beijing, China, the 31-year-old admitted that he had been "too trusting" and described his brief romance with Tse as a mistake.

"Seven months ago, I broke up with my girlfriend, Vincy Yeung. I was very unhappy and lost, so I tried to cheer myself up through a wrong avenue. It's my fault. I was too trusting. If I've let my fans down, I would like to say sorry. I hope all of you can forgive me," pleaded Chen.

Chen, who was noted for his fiery temper, also apologised to the people who have worked with him.

"I had a bad temper back then. I would like to say sorry to those who've worked with me."

His quotes confirmed speculations that it was Tse who leaked the photos in an attempt to gain publicity.

"Hopefully everyone can forget the past and look towards the present and the future," said Chen, urging the public to monitor him and promising that he'll be a better person.