Eight in 10 women in Singapore want more sex: survey

Eight in 10 women in Singapore want more sex: survey

Women in Singapore are keen on having more sex, according to an online survey by an international pharmaceutical company.

Based on the survey conducted by the Singapore unit of the Menarini Group, close to 80 per cent of women from the city-state aged 18 to 45 would like to have more sex, compared to 69 per cent of their counterparts in Asia-Pacific.
This could be due to the fact that women in Singapore are only getting action in the bedroom roughly five times per month in contrast to the average of roughly eight times across nine markets surveyed,  including Hong Kong, Thailand and Australia.
Paul Chan, a 25-year-old university student, feels that the survey accurately represents the sexual landscape in Singapore.
“Women here are not getting as much sex (as women elsewhere) because they have such high standards for men,” he said.

Communications executive Alexis Chang, 31, thinks Singapore is a conservative society and there is still the stigma of being “too wild sexually”.

“At the end of the day, a woman who has a lot of sex gets a bad reputation but a guy doesn’t. I think that’s why women are more guarded when it comes to sex,” she said.
Conducted in March and April this year, the survey had 3,567 adults across Asia Pacific between the ages of 18 to 45 taking part.
The number of men and women were split equally, and 95 per cent of participants were sexually active.
In total, 200 people from Singapore were surveyed.
When compared to women, men in Singapore report that they have sex about six times a month on the average, lagging behind the Asia-Pacific result of eight times for their gender. Both the Singapore-only and overall Asia-Pacific surveys, however,  found that 84 per cent of male respondents wanted more sex.
Also, the fairer sex in Singapore seem to be more certain of whether they would be getting some within a day as they said they were sure that they would be having sex 3.5 hours ahead of the event, a good 1.4 hours longer than the Asia-Pacific survey result.
Kenny Goh, 23, student, attributes this to women being the decision-makers when it comes to sex, with men taking their lead.
Lim Wei Kang, 29, engineer, summed it up simply, “You have to ask the women (how they know so much in advance), I do not know.”
What worries Singapore men? Six in 10 are extremely concerned about not being able to satisfy their partners, compared to only 38 per cent for the region at large.
Almost half the local men surveyed fear that they are unable to bring their partners to a climax, and almost three in 10 worry about premature ejaculation (PE).
Unfortunately, six in 10 men with PE have not spoken to their partners about it.
Singapore female respondents fare even worse as 84 per cent of them who have partners with PE have not broached the subject.
Together with the survey, Menarini also launched their new drug dapoxetine. It is the first drug developed specifically for treatment PE.

Additional reporting by Nicholas Teo.

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