Elizabeth Hurley Shrugs Off ‘Fuss’ Over Her Movie Sex Scene Son Damian Directed: ‘Felt Comfortable’ (Exclusive)

The British actress and model stars in 'Strictly Confidential,' a thriller written and directed by her son Damian

<p>MSR Media; Frazer Harrison/Getty</p> Damian Hurley directing

MSR Media; Frazer Harrison/Getty

Damian Hurley directing 'Strictly Confidential' and Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley’s new movie Strictly Confidential began making headlines as soon as the trailer dropped in February.

That was in large part due to Elizabeth’s sex scene teased in the trailer — a sex scene written and directed by her son Damian, 21.

“People are making a lot of fuss,” Elizabeth, who’s best known for lighter comedic fare like Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and Serving Sara, says in the new issue of PEOPLE.

“I think there's a lot of factors making it a particularly interesting scene for people,” she continues.

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For one, she says, there’s the “age difference” between her and her scene partner, 28-year-old Pear Chiravara.

Then there’s “the fact that I'm doing it, and I've never really done a scene like that before,” she adds, also noting her son’s involvement as writer and director.

She says that while moments in the movie are “quite out there and daring, there actually isn’t any nudity. Nobody’s exploited at all. We all felt comfortable doing it.”

For Elizabeth and Damian — who’ve previously collaborated on photo shoots featuring Elizabeth modeling her own bikini designs — it was just another scene to get done during a routine day of filming on the island of Nevis.

<p>Fati Sadou/ABACAPRESS.COM/Shutterstock </p> Elizabeth Hurley and son Damian in March

Fati Sadou/ABACAPRESS.COM/Shutterstock

Elizabeth Hurley and son Damian in March

“We were so rushed,” says Damian. Adds Elizabeth: “It was like, ‘Come on, let’s shoot it!’ ”

In the movie, Elizabeth has a supporting role as Lily, a wealthy woman whose daughter Rebecca drowned near the family home in the Caribbean.

A year later Rebecca’s best friend, Mia (Georgia Lock), and their group of twentysomething friends reunite at Lily’s beachside retreat, where secrets emerge. One of those secrets happens to be Lily’s sexual relationship with Natasha (Chiravara), a member of the friend group.

<p>MSR Media</p> Damian Hurley directing 'Strictly Confidential'

MSR Media

Damian Hurley directing 'Strictly Confidential'

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The film, shot on the Caribbean island of Nevis, has fabulous fashion and breathtaking beach scenes. But Elizabeth and Damian were working too hard to get to enjoy their surroundings.

“Did we have time off to sunbathe? No. Did we go in the ocean once? No, not once,” says Damian.

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Elizabeth, whose Elizabeth Hurley Beach swimwear line is featured in the movie, did get to wear a bathing suit, but it was for a scene: “On camera, I put a bikini on, off camera forget about it,” she says.

For Damian, the whole experience is a blur. “We did become shells of human beings and lose our minds during it,” he jokes. “Every movie's a war. The making of every single movie is a battle of all battles. So funnily enough, I actually can't remember much of it.”

Strictly Confidential is in theaters and available on VOD this Friday.

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