Elon Musk responds to girl who found Tesla bug


A 7-year-old girl named Molly attracted the attention of Elon Musk after reporting a bug she found on the touchscreen display of their Tesla Model 3 in a video. Molly’s mother initially uploaded the video to her Weibo account on Sunday before it was reposted on X the following day.

  • Showing the bug: Molly, who enjoys drawing on the touchscreen display, demonstrates the bug she discovered in the video, showing how a previously drawn line disappears after the user inputs a new stroke. “You see it? So can you fix it? Thank you,” she says in English. According to Chinese media, the girl was accompanying her mother to work when she discovered the bug on June 30. Her parents suggested she film a video to report the bug to Musk.

  • Musk’s response: Musk commented under the post hours after it was reshared on X, writing, “Sure.” Reacting to Musk’s response, Molly’s mother said that while she was happy, Molly just returned to playing after seeing the comment. “Actually, the various opinions from the outside world don't really affect a little child that much. However, the fact that Musk responded to Molly's action, I think, is very meaningful for my daughter,” she said.

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