Elon Musk settles bill for cancelled order of 4,000 mini pies after baker complains

Elon Musk settled the bill for 4,000 mini pies days after Tesla abruptly cancelled the order, costing the baker thousands of dollars.

Mr Musk stepped in after Voahangy Rasetarinera, the owner of Giving Pies​ in San Jose, took to social media blasting Tesla for the last-minute cancellation of an order worth $16,000 just before it was scheduled for delivery.

The business had already turned down other orders to accommodate Tesla and had purchased $2,000 worth of ingredients. "When you’re a big corporation, $2,000 is pocket money, it’s nothing," Ms Resetarinera said. "But for us, it’s a lot."

In an email to the Guardian on Monday, she confirmed receiving the amount. “Tesla just paid the $2k that I was out of,” she told the outlet.

This came after Mr Musk vowed to do right by the bakery, saying: “Just hearing about this. Will make things good with the bakery. People should always be able to count on Tesla trying its best.”

With the settlement of the amount, Ms Rasetarinera is also willing to put the incident behind her, opening up to the possibility of working with Tesla again. "I think that we’re all humans, we all make mistakes, and they’re trying to do good on their mistakes," she told ABC7 News.

"So if they want to work with me, and they’re not bitter about the whole experience – then yes, I would love to."

Earlier, following the controversy, the local bakery saw a boom in business as residents lined up with orders in support. “It’s hard for these non-chain type places to survive. So I thought, I would come over and support. Pies look great,” Eric, a resident, told NBC Bay Area as he waited in long line to get pies from the shop.

“I thought it was terrible. Here, they do a nice business with a great product, and they give some of it away to help people,” said David, a San Jose resident. “Tesla comes and orders 4,000 pies and squashes the order. It’s disgusting.”

“I feel super grateful and super supported,” she said. “People placing orders like ‘I live in Canada, I just want to support you.’ They place an order and say ‘Just give it to anybody’.”