Emma Roberts hails 'prepared' co-star Kim Kardashian

Emma Roberts loved working with Kim Kardashian on 'American Horror Story'.

The 43-year-old beauty joined the cast of the anthology horror series for season 12 of the show, and Emma has revealed that she relished the experience of working with her showbiz pal.

Emma, 33, said on the 'Table for Two' podcast: "She is one of the most prepared actors I’ve worked with.

"I mean, I’ve come to work sometimes and people - that I won’t name, but you know who - they don’t know their lines at all, which, whatever, it’s fine, we all have those days. But she knew every single line."

Despite her lack of experience, Kim displayed an impressive level of self-confidence when she was working on set.

Emma shared: "She also will just look you in the eye and do it. To be that open and vulnerable - and I get embarrassed sometimes and I’ve been acting for 20 years - she’s super professional, confident."

What's more, Emma observed that Kim was remarkably low-key, given her fame and success.

The actress said: "Just the way that she carries herself, she doesn’t have a huge entourage, she’s very normal. And that was also really inspiring to see."

Meanwhile, Kim previously claimed that she doesn't care what people think of her.

Discussing her talents and the keys to her success, Kim told Interview Magazine: "I’m like, 'Well, we have a TV show.' But just because we’re not singing and dancing and acting on the show doesn’t mean that the fame didn’t come from that.

"But then, I would write that as a hashtag, not bad for a girl with no talent, because people used to be like, 'Well, what do you do? What’s your talent?' And I’m like, 'Didn’t know I needed one.'"