Emmerdale star Alan McKenna explains Gus's shock baby offer to Rhona

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale star Alan McKenna has explained Gus Malcoms’s shocking decision to offer Rhona Goskirk a deal in their ongoing baby storyline.

The pair have been at loggerheads in recent weeks, with Gus reporting Rhona to the police after alleging that she kidnapped baby Ivy.

Rhona responded by detailing how Gus had fraudulently used one of her frozen embryos to bring Ivy into the world, with next week’s scenes seeing Gus make a shock move as he opts to make peace with Rhona.

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McKenna, who debuted as Gus last year, spoke about the upcoming scenes as he explained Gus’s motivation to Digital Spy and other media.

“I think a lot of it is fear of what could happen to both of them," he said. "And fear of his situation, potentially Ivy going into care if it gets worse for him.

“So he ends up offering everything that they were asking for before, which is him to be around and to share custody.

"He doesn't have the exact solution yet, but we'll find a way where we can co-parent – he believes that offer is enough to get Rhona on board and change her mind.

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“He wants to be a good father to Ivy… but he doesn't know how to be really," he added.

"What he really needs is – it's probably too early for him now – someone else in his life to steer him. He is one of those guys who's a bit lost, but he's trying to do what he feels is right.

"This is the way now, because of the kindness that was shown to him when he was at his lowest from people that shouldn't have shown him kindness.

"I know there were ulterior motives because it meant having Ivy in their lives as well. But I think there is a way forward, for sure.”

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