Emmerdale's Gabby Thomas makes exit threat after humiliation

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale will be airing another dramatic storyline for Gabby Thomas, who's threatening to leave the village behind for good.

Following Gabby's awkward near-kiss drama with Billy Fletcher, the unlucky-in-love character tried to get her revenge by threatening Billy she'd tell Dawn if he didn't cooperate and beat up Nicky Miligan.

As fans of the soap know, the character played by Rosie Bentham is still not over the breakup with Nicky after he revealed their engagement was part of a plan to con her.

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But Gabby's ill-conceived attempt to blackmail Billy was halted thanks to Kim Tate, who promptly intervened to keep the peace. The businesswoman put a stop to the devious plan, siding with Billy and Dawn and further humiliating Gabby, accusing her of constantly playing the victim.

Scorned and alone, Gabby is set to resort to another trick up her sleeve to try and get her way. In new scenes, she insists on selling her share of the businesses, eager to sever her ties with Home Farm and finally leave the Dales in her rearview mirror.

Will she really go, bringing baby Thomas with her, or will she change her mind?

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Earlier this summer, Gabby's ex-fiancé Nicky, who had come out as gay following the big con reveal, embarked on a romance with newcomer Suni Sharma.

The two sealed the deal with a kiss at the café as Gabby watched on, hurt at seeing Nicky moving on with his life whilst she was still mourning the breakup. The incident led to a later confrontation between a drunken Gabby and Nicky, resulting in her accidentally punching Billy instead of her ex.

At home, Billy comforted a distraught Gabby who got the wrong impression and leaned in for a kiss, being rejected.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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