Emmerdale's Manpreet Sharma struggles with Charles Anderson's tragic secret

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Manpreet Sharma is set to struggle to keep Charles Anderson's tragic secret in new scenes on Emmerdale.

Heartbreaking scenes last week saw Charles learn that his father had passed away, Victor dying as he tried to retreat from the village while being the prime suspect in the theft of Manpreet's necklace.

Charles was inconsolable about his father's death – which came as a surprise to Manpreet as she thought he hated his dad. He then confessed to her that he actually framed Victor by planting the necklace in his pocket to get him in trouble and out of the village.

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He never intended for it to lead to his father's death, and had thought Victor was lying when he said he had an unruptured aneurysm, not realising it was the truth.

Mother Claudette was also left heartbroken and thought that Victor had brought "shame" on the family in an apparent final act of deception, not knowing the truth about Charles's actions.

While Manpreet urged Charles to confess, he admitted: "I'll lose everything. My family. My place in the church. What have I done?"

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In new scenes set to air on the soap, Charles goes to a religious retreat following his father's passing, and is glad to get away, especially amid his guilt.

Claudette continues to grieve Victor's death, and struggles with her son away, confessing that she needs his support more than she told him. This makes Manpreet feel guilty, as she continues to hold on to his secret – will she be able to keep quiet about the truth?

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