Emmerdale's Nicky Miligan dumps Ally after Caleb's cruel threats

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Nicky Miligan has dumped boyfriend Ally following Caleb's cruel threats in Emmerdale.

Earlier this week, Nicky begged his father Caleb to let him out of their plot to steal Kim Tate's money by tricking Gabby Thomas into a sham marriage.

Nicky tried to explain that he's in love with boyfriend Ally and doesn't want to hurt him, only for his father to threaten to "destroy" him unless he continues with the plot.

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In Friday's (May 19) episode, Caleb was not pleased to see Nicky snapping at Gabby as she reminded him he'd not turned up for several recent appointments for the wedding.

Caleb surreptitiously handed over the compromised USB sticks for Nicky to plug into Kim's laptop, thus giving them access to all of her passwords.

He then admitted he'd wished his son had come out as gay to him earlier, but Nicky reminded his father that "it's a conversation [Caleb] never had to have" because he's straight.

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"This Ally, he can't be around while everything is going on, you know that," Caleb reiterated. "I realise it's difficult for you, but you've got to get rid of him.

"Once it's over, you phone him, you make it right. But, for now, he has got to go."

While Nicky was off to speak to Ally, Caleb slyly managed to compromise Kim's laptop while she was out of the room at Home Farm.

A sullen Nicky later had to tell Ally that he couldn't continue their secret relationship, adding: "It has to stop."

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Ally tried desperately to convince Nicky that they should be together, but Nicky begged his boyfriend to leave him for good.

"Bit of advice, if you ever really want to be happy, free yourself," Ally encouraged him.

At Home Farm later on, Caleb phoned Nicky to reveal he'd been able to compromise Kim's computer and his son promised he'd "dealt with that other problem".

Nicky was then dealt another blow as Caleb asked him to convince Gabby to bring their wedding date forward.

"The sooner we're done, the sooner we're out of there," Caleb insisted.

What will Nicky do?

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