Emmerdale's Wendy struggles to resist Liam after cheating on Bob

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Wendy Posner has struggled to resist her chemistry with Dr Liam Cavanagh after their secret trip to a murder mystery convention that saw them sharing a night of drunk passion in the doctor's surgery.

In tonight's (May 23) episode, Wendy awoke in work and was wracked with guilt over cheating on partner Bob Hope, and while they agreed last night was enjoyable, they would have to pretend it didn't happen and came up with details about the 'seminar' they attended in case anyone asked ("the speaker was fascinating, the hotel was lovely, but the mushroom vol-a-vents tasted like glue").

liam cavanagh, wendy posner, emmerdale

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Meanwhile, Bob was struggling with his own feelings of confused excitement following his almost-kiss with Bernice Blackstock.

As Wendy went home to get changed and Liam adjusted his uniform, viewers saw a huge love bite on his neck. It caught the notice of some of the other villagers, but they quickly came up with an excuse about him cutting himself shaving. Outside the café, Liam calmed Wendy down as she hyperventilated.

While avoiding Liam completely would have been the best thing to do, the duo unfortunately work together. And it didn't take long after Wendy returned for her shift for things to get spicy between them again, as Liam suddenly kissed her.

Unable to resist her attraction, Wendy reciprocated. But she quickly pulled away and rushed out of the room, insisting that they can't do this again.

liam cavanagh, wendy posner, emmerdale

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It's going to happen again though, as Wendy actress Susan Cookson has teased a full-on affair between the two.

"They have fun together," she said. "It's exciting when you find someone who you can genuinely get on with and have a good old laugh with. That's sexy, when you've got someone who can make you laugh. They've both lost a child so they have that empathy between them as well."

Elsewhere, in the pub, Bernice complained to daughter Gabby Thomas that "50% of my husbands turned out to be homosexual" and joked that Nicky the nanny's grooming routine is too good for a straight man. Gabby responded that he's definitely not and that she has a "great gaydar", but little does she know...

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