Entrepreneur Aijalon Wallace Wants To Build Your Six-Figure Staffing and Recruiting Agency

Born in Detroit, Aijalon Wallace, is a highly experienced Tedx speaker, entrepreneur and recruitment coach, who has built and scaled a full service recruitment and staffing agency. He’s getting ready to publish his book “Nomad Recruiter: Make Placements & Travel The World” that will be available on amazon. Currently, based in Detroit, his company serves clients all over the world. Having achieved success and freedom building his own agency, Aijalon believes this is the best business you can enter right now with the staffing industry estimated to be a $429 billion market. He’s now looking to provide others with the blueprint to his success.

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Aijalon moved to Sydney, Australia to pursue his masters degree at the University of Sydney business school. Due to visa requirements after he graduated, he needed to find a job or internship with a company in Australia in order to stay in the country. This led him to do innovation consulting work with Nestle. After doing this for some time, his roommate presented him with a new opportunity. Aijalon recalls, “he told me, ‘you got a good personality, you should get into recruiting’ and then he showed me his paycheck.” AJ couldn’t believe the amount that his friend was making a month in recruiting, but he was eager to find out if he could make the same amount.

Over the next few years he achieved his goal. Making five figures and even six figures in a single month, he was highly successful. But, even with all this success, he was unhappy with the corporate life. “I was working hard and crushing it, but I knew I wasn’t meant for the corporate scene. I hated working in an office, the lack of freedom to travel. It wasn’t the job, it was me, I wanted a different life.” So, at the age of 25, AJ started his own agency. The beginning wasn’t glamorous. Moving back to the US, he was still working a 9-5 job at a bank. Following his job, he worked on his dream from 5-9p at his local IHOP because of the free coffee and pancakes. Despite his commitment, he didn’t have a single sale for his first three months.

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“It was rough,” he recalls, “I was working hard, I bought a $5,000 course that was useless, and not seeing any results, but I finally made my first commission for $22,500.” And after that, there was no looking back. AJ has turned his business, DataRoc Recruitment Firm, into a multiple six-figure agency and taught others to do the same along the way. He has now compiled those strategies and his experience into a course called Nomad Recruiters Academy.

Nomad Recruiters Academy is an all inclusive online course that will teach you how to build a systemised business using automation and help you build Candidate and Client sourcing systems that are managed by virtual teams. You will learn how to source both clients and candidates. A strong complement of this course is the practical information. AJ has included over forty lessons and a one hundred hours of useful information, practical lessons, plus a bonus of 30 templates for contracts, sales scripts. Growth strategies, NDAs and other documents that he uses in his own business. So confident in his course, AJ guarantees that you will land your first client within 90 days. “What you put in is what you will get out, but if you follow the steps, you’ll make deals.” He’s offering a free masterclass for those interested in learning Nomad Recruiters Academy and has already helped students create 6 figure agencies. Aijalon believes this is the best business for go-getters and hungry entrepreneurs to get into right now. Even if you are currently working a 9-5, a few hours a day and a laptop, you can get you started right now.

If you are an aspiring recruiter, entrepreneur, or simply looking for a lucrative side hustle, connect with Aijalon Wallace. He has the skill, experience and hustle to teach you everything you need to know about starting a successful, six figure staffing and recruitment agency.