Eric Tsang's family comes second

Eric Tsang's family comes second

22 Apr – Eric Tsang may have a lot of friends and a very active social life – as seen at his recent 60th controversial birthday bash at Hong Kong Disneyland. But it was revealed that his sociable nature comes with a hefty price.

Jayne Stars recently reported that despite all the parties he attends and all the friends and acquaintances he made, the actor has not always been a strong family figure. Even Eric's eldest son, Derek Tsang admitted, "We have never been really close. His social life always came before his family."

Eric has been through two marriages; saw failure in the first one, and distance in the second.

His first marriage to Taiwanese actress Wang Mei Hua when he was only 19-years-old ended in divorce in three years when Eric spent more time with his friends and at work. Wang brought their eldest daughter, Bowie Tsang, back to Taiwan, while their younger daughter immigrated to Canada.

Bowie Tsang revealed that she moved to Taiwan with her grandparents when she was a toddler. The Mandopop singer would send hand-written letters to her father every year; but the preoccupied Eric did not have the time to reply, and ultimately sent Bowie two words, "Miss You."

Bowie admitted that she never truly experienced fatherly love, saying, "Now, when I want to see my father, I have to book a time."

Marrying Sung Lai Wah next, the latter and her two sons immigrated to Toronto, Canada without Eric, who was unwilling to give up his career and chose to stay in Hong Kong. Although the couple did not separate, they have been living in a long-distance relationship for the past 20 years.