'Eternally in their debt' and 'Camilla's tears'

Eternally in their debt, says the Daily Express
Dominating Thursday's front pages are pictures of the 80th anniversary of D-Day, and the veterans commemorating it. Under the headline "Eternally in their debt", the Daily Express has a picture of 99-year-old veteran Peter Smoothy, standing on Juno Beach in Normandy. [BBC]
Our eternal debt to the fallen heroes, reads the Daily Mail
A picture of the Queen appears on the front of a number of the papers, including the Daily Mail. It reports that she was "moved to tears" during a "highly emotional" D-Day service in Portsmouth. The King addressed the event, speaking of the "nation's eternal debt to the heroes of 80 years ago". [BBC]
Front page
Front page
The same picture of Alex Penstone is also on the front of Thursday's Daily Star. The paper reports that actress Helen Worth is leaving Coronation Street after 50 years. She has played Gail Rodwell, formerly Gail Platt, since 1974. [BBC]
Front page
Marking the anniversary of the D-Day landings, the Metro has the image of the Queen, along with the headline "Camilla's tears for D-Day hero". [BBC]
At last: a real plan to save Britain's rivers, reads the front of the i
Something different on the front of the i, although a topic its readers will be familiar with - the state of the UK's rivers. It is an issue it regularly highlights. Thursday's front page focuses on five pledges the paper is challenging the political parties to sign up to. Its plan has been endorsed by a number of environmental charities. [BBC]
Sunak lied to country over Labour tax and spend plans, says Starmer
Following up on Tuesday's debate, the Guardian reports criticism of a claim by Sunak that Labour's plans would increase taxes by £2,000. Its headline is "Sunak lied to country over Labour tax and spend plans, says Starmer". [BBC]
We'll tackle murder law loopholes, vow Tories reads the Times
The front of the Times carries a report about an expected Tory election pledge, with the prime minister set to "pledge the biggest overhaul of homicide laws in a generation to ensure tougher sentences for domestic abusers". The proposed change would raise the minimum sentence for murders committed in the home from 15 years to 25 years. [BBC]
Hunt issues challenge to Starmer over taxes on property, reads the Daily Telegraph
Starmer accuses Sunak of 'resorting to lies' over Labour £2,000 tax rise claims, reads the front of the Financial Times
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