Every senator who voted to kill the bipartisan border compromise

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell  (Getty Images)
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Getty Images)

Donald Trump’s campaign to kill a bipartisan deal that would have addressed several national security priorities appeared to succeed on Wednesday as members of the Republican Senate caucus turned, one by one, against the bill which their own colleagues had supported.

Mr Trump’s naked effort to disrupt lawmaking in Washington in the hopes of preventing a political win on immigration for his 2024 opponent, President Joe Biden, enraged members of the GOP who had recognised that their party had extracted concessions from Democrats on border security that could never pass in virtually any other circumstance. The twin issues of funding for Ukraine and Israel had made such a compromise briefly possible — and it now appears neither party will make any progress towards addressing what both agree is a crisis at the southern border.

Though Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell initially came out in support of the bill, it became clear that he and the other Republicans would capitulate to Mr Trump. Just a handful of Republicans voted in favour of the bill, while some Democrats crossed party lines to oppose it as well due to opposition to policies in the bill including support for Israel’s military campaign in Gaza and some of the border security provisions in the legislation, including the ability it would give the president to suspend the asylum process.

“We had a very robust discussion about whether or not this product could ever become law, and it's been made a pretty clear to us by the speaker that it will not become law,” said Mr McConnell on Tuesday, referring to House Speaker Mike Johnson.

On Wednesday that became a reality as a motion to procede with debate on the bill was defeated in the upper chamber, 49-50, counting Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer after the New York senator flipped his vote at the last minute to allow the measure to be brought up for debate again.

Here’s who voted against it:

Senator John Barrasso - R

Senator Marsha Blackburn - R

Senator John Boozman - R

Senator Mike Braun - R

Senator Katie Britt - R

Senator Ted Budd - R

Senator Shelley Moore Capito - R

Senator Bill Cassidy - R

Senator John Cornyn - R

Senator Tom Cotton - R

Senator Kevin Cramer - R

Senator Mike Crapo - R

Senator Ted Cruz - R

Senator Steve Daines - R

Senator Joni Ernst - R

Senator Deb Fischer - R

Senator Lindsey Graham - R

Senator Chuck Grassley - R

Senator Bill Hagerty - R

Senator Josh Hawley - R

Senator John Hoeven - R

Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith - R

Senator Ron Johnson- R

Senator John Kennedy - R

Senator Mike Lee - R

Senator Roger Marshall - R

Senator Mitch McConnell - R

Senator Ed Markey - D

Senator Bob Menendez - D

Senator Jerry Moran - R

Senator Markwayne Mullin - R

Senator Alex Padilla - D

Senator Rand Paul - R

Senator Pete Ricketts - R

Senator Jim Risch - R

Senator Mike Rounds - R

Senator Marco Rubio - R

Senator Bernie Sanders - I

Senator Eric Schmitt - R

Senator Chuck Schumer - D

Senator Rick Scott - R

Senator Tim Scott - R

Senator Dan Sullivan - R

Senator John Thune - R

Senator Thom Tillis - R

Senator Tommy Tuberville - R

Senator JD Vance - R

Senator Elizabeth Warren - D

Senator Roger Wicker - R

Senator Todd Young - R