Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead furnished house with Gentleman in Moscow props

Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead furnished their house with pieces from the set of ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’.

The real-life couple star together in the new Paramount+ series and not only did they find “inspiration” for the décor of their new home from their surroundings during filming, they even took home some of their favourite props.

Mary admitted to Empire magazine: “We bought a house in Scotland and we were furnishing it at the time.

“Everywhere on set was inspiration. ‘Wow, that chair would look great. That wallpaper’s amazing!’

“We took a ton of inspiration – and maybe even kept a few pieces of furniture.

“Just for, you know, posterity’s sake.’ “

Ewan found it a “joy” to act alongside his wife in the drama, which spans several decades and is set against the backdrop of the Russian Revolution.

He said: “It’s such a joy working with Mary that I could be doing it all day long.”

However, Mary admitted it was also “really, really hard” because of the emotion involved when it came to shooting their farewell scene.

She said: “In-between takes we were just bawling our eyes out.

“It was so beautiful to get to play the scene and make that moment feel so real.

“But it was really, really hard for us as well.

“For us, being real-life partners, saying goodbye to one another… I’m about to cry just talking about it.

“It was the most emotional day. It’s so silly, I can’t even get through talking about it.”