Ex-RNC Chair Puts Trump 'On Notice' Over His Big GOP Claim: 'Let's Go, One-On-One'

Michael Steele, former chair of the Republican National Committee, declared “game on” with Donald Trump after the former president claimed that the Make America Great Again movement makes up the vast majority of the GOP.

Steele, co-host of MSNBC’s “The Weekend,” flipped to a clip of the former president claiming that MAGA “represents 96% and maybe 100%” of the Republican Party as he spoke to supporters at a Virginia rally Saturday.

“We’re getting rid of the Romneys of the world, we want to get Romneys – and those out,” said the GOP front-runner of the Utah senator who recently remarked that he would “absolutely not” vote for Trump in November.

“But they know that we are the only ones who can stop them.”

Steele, in response, noted that he’s a decadeslong member of the Republican Party before taking a swipe at Trump.

“If anyone is the biggest RINO, it’s you, and we comin’ for you,” Steele said.

“So, just so you understand, you drew the line, baby. I’m stepping up to it and a whole lot of Republicans out there –– at least 40% or more –– are stepping to that line, too. So you just need to chill on that.”

Co-host Symone Sanders-Townsend added that Steele, a long-time criticoftheformerpresident, was putting Trump “on notice” before the ex-RNC chair chimed back in.

“Just on notice — you bring it, baby, ’cause you wanna punk? Let’s punk, baby. Let’s go, one-on-one.”

Co-host Alicia Menendez went on to note a post on X from Sarah Longwell, founder of the Republican Accountability Project, who pointed to former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s criticism of John McCain voters.

“I forget, is she the Governor of Arizona right now, or no?” Longwell wrote in response to the Trump clip Sunday.

“We’ve already seen this movie play out when you say, ‘We are not a big tent and we don’t want you at our table,’” Menendez said.

Steele added that Trump — whom he called “the biggest RINO in the room” — has duped supporters into thinking he’s “somehow the conservative standard bearer.”

“You want to try to build a party and grow it? You’re not doing it. You’re shrinking. What elections have you won? What elections have you won? None, except your own. And you’re not winning this one because you didn’t win the last one,” Steele said.

H/T: Mediaite