Ex-Trump staffer thrown out of victory party after Alina Habba photo

A former Trump campaign staffer was removed from the former president’s victory party in New Hampshire after posting a photo with his attorney Alina Habba, who had excused herself from court claiming to be ill.

During the January 6 Capitol riot, ex-staffer Dylan Quattrucci was also seen on video telling “piece of s***” police officers to take their lives, Mediaite noted.

On Monday, Donald Trump shared his frustration at a delay in his defamation trial brought by writer E Jean Carroll, who won a previous defamation trial against the former president in which a jury found him liable for sexually assaulting her in a department store dressing room in Manhattan in the mid-1990s. Mr Trump lashed out at the delay despite it being his own legal team who made the call.

A juror was sent home sick but the judge and the legal team for Ms Carroll were willing to carry on. Mr Trump’s team asked for a delay as Ms Habba said she had been exposed to Covid-19, had a fever and was feeling unwell.

But it was later revealed that Ms Habba was seen at Mr Trump’s victory party after winning the GOP primary in New Hampshire despite having claimed to be ill just hours previously.

Ms Habba was photographed at the party alongside Mr Quattrucci, who shared the image on X.

“Just arrived at President Trump’s NH primary victory party and ran into the wonderful Alina Habba. Alina is President Trump’s rockstar attorney & a huge inspiration of mine!” he wrote.

The former staffer shared a number of photos from the festivities, but shortly before NBC News reported Ms Habba’s presence, Mr Quatrucci posted a video of him being removed from the premises.

“I was just kicked out of the Trump victory party for absolutely no reason,” he wrote on X. “I was standing there speaking with other Trump supporters when I was asked to leave and pushed out of the venue. This is how they treat loyalty. If only President Trump knew how his most loyal and dedicated supporters were treated by his staff…”

In the video, Mr Quattrucci is filming himself as he’s being walked out.

“I’m getting removed from the Trump event. Why do I have to leave, sir? Can you tell me why? Like I have knocked more than 12,000 doors for President Trump,” he says in the video.

Mr Quattrucci has claimed to have been tear-gassed during the Capitol riot three years ago. He left his role as the deputy state director in New Hampshire for the Trump campaign after footage showed him telling officers to “go f*** yourself and go hang yourself”, according to NBC News.

The Independent has reached out to the Trump campaign for comment.