(Exclusive) Creating Talks offers a platform for you to share your story with others, raises funding

Creating Talks will use the money to revamp its website, integrate viewer interaction, and also to build exclusive content for its online audience

Creating Talks, a Delhi-based startup which provides a platform (online and offline) for common people and public figures to share their stories with the masses and also to hold speeches on specific topics, has secured an undisclosed sum in funding from the Delhi government.

The Delhi-based company will use the money to revamp its website, integrate viewer interaction, and also to build exclusive content for its online audience, Creating Talk Founder Ekloveya Verma told e27. The company is also planning to conduct two to three offline events across India in the coming months.

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“The Delhi government has started an initiative, in which they back potential startups with seed funding and incubation support. It is executing this initiative with the help of government-run colleges. Also, they have the consultancy support from TiE Delhi Chapter. So we had applied for seed funding back in 2017. After screening, we were selected for funding,” Verma added.

Creating Talks was conceived by a group of young entrepreneurs as a platform that could give voice to millions. Creating Talks enables anyone — be it a common man or a public figure — to be a speaker and share his/her story with the public. You can use the medium to impart your journey, knowledge, or point of views to the right kind of audience.

Creating Talks Founder Eklovey Verma

The products works in two ways: In the first model, the company chooses a theme for and event. Based on the theme, it shortlists the best representative speakers catering to that particular field. It then starts searching for speakers on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. It also takes reference from its past speakers.

Renowned public figures can come upfront and nominate themselves as a speaker.

“In the second model, that’s for the common man who wants to conduct a speech on a specific topic/share his story with the audience, Creating Talks will plan an event in a city which can ensure maximum participation. Then we will invite two-three more similar public speakers from the industry. Along with that, we will also work towards making this event an ‘invite-only’ event. We will send out a basic form to the invitees. We will then pick the relevant audience according to your target group and send them the invite again,” Verma explains.

The events will be of two types: story-oriented (in which speakers will share their life journey and their experiences), and topic-specific (in which speakers having expertise on a given topic will share their opinions and insights on it)

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“Our Online mode works in the form of video content on our website or YouTube channel. Our online platform will be having edited videos of all our offline events, as well as exclusive content specific to our online audience,” Verma elaborated.

“We are also working towards implementing & integration of Artificial Intelligence on our homepage, on which every unique user will get the exposure to view different set of videos, depending upon his/her interest area. This interest area will be determined by cache memory of the user. In this way, the everyone will get his/her desired content on our homepage itself on the first visit.

Creating Talks CEO Tanmay Kandpal

In addition to the above, Creating Talks is also working towards making all of its offline events live on its website, enabling digital interaction for the audiences across the world.

The company plans to generate revenue from: a) sponsorship from brands, individuals and initiatives which want to convey their message across Indian through our platform, b) events ticketing, c) ads on website, and d) viewership on its YouTube channel.

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