Exclusive: Sex Education's intimacy coordinator on show's first trans sex scene

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Sex Education's intimacy coordinator David Thackeray has opened up about the show's first trans sex scene.

In the last episode of its fourth and final season, Sex Education aired its first trans sex scene between Felix Mufti's Roman and Anthony Lexa's Abbi.

In an exclusive interview with Digital Spy, Thackeray said his colleague and fellow intimacy coordinator Tigger Blaize worked on the majority of the scenes between Roman and Abbi.

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Speaking about conversations that were had ahead of the intimate scene, Thackeray said: "So there's the open conversations with the director and the artist to see what they were comfortable in showing or doing.

"At the same time, it's figuring out what their no's were. You know, what do you not want to show? What do you not want to do? Because then we work around that. And the choreography is based around their consent and boundaries.

"I think what's amazing, and what Sex Education does so well, is that the writers have specialists come in, and they work out what to put on the page, basically, to make sure that it's coming from real sources and not just imagination."

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On the pressures of being part of a groundbreaking scene and getting it right, Thackeray said he always checks if he's the right person for the job delegating if he thinks he isn't.

"My go-to would be checking in with the producer, and checking in with the artist, to say: 'Hey, would you prefer someone else for this moment?'" Thackeray said. "That's always on my radar, because you want to get it right, and people will feel more comfortable with other people in the room, I feel.

"And I think that Tigger gives… I don't know what to say. There was someone more suited for those scenes, 100%."

All four seasons of Sex Education are now available to stream on Netflix.

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