Ex-cop who molested 2 women in custody in police station jailed and caned

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SINGAPORE — He was then a police officer who was not tasked to interview two women under investigation for providing paid sexual services. But he ended up molesting the two Chinese nationals in a police station on the pretext of helping his colleagues with investigation. 

On Tuesday (19 November), Lee Sze Chiat, 39, was sentenced to one year’s jail and one stroke of the cane. He was convicted on the charge of using criminal force to commit outrage of modesty and one charge of conduct that was to the prejudice of good order and discipline by engaging in sexual activity with a detainee.

Two other charges -  using criminal force to commit outrage of modesty and insulting modesty - were taken into consideration for sentencing. The women cannot be named due to a gag order.

At the time of the incident at the Police Divisional Headquarters on 6 December 2017, Lee escorted one of the women, A1, from the lockup to the interview room. A1’s hands were handcuffed at the time and she was wearing a white t-shirt and bra provided by the lockup.

Lee directed A1 to sit on a long bench and closed the door behind him in the room where there were no other persons.

During the interview, Lee asked A1 about her personal profile listed on a website advertising her sexual services. 

After telling A1 that there were no CCTV cameras, Lee sat beside her and asked her to massage him. A1 was reluctant but agreed as she did not want to reject a police officer.

A1 squeezed Lee’s shoulders twice and told him that she was unable to continue as her hands were handcuffed. 

Lee then faced A1 directly and caressed her breasts from outside her t-shirt for some time. Shocked by Lee’s act, A1 raised her voice and asked him to stop.

Undeterred, Lee pulled A1’s hands and put them on his shorts before asking her to provide “services” to him. A1 pulled her hands back and told Lee to stop. She was again shocked that Lee would make such a request in the police station. 

But Lee went on to pull A1’s t-shirt collar to peek at her breasts and again, A1 asked him to stop his actions.

In a separate incident, Lee met a colleague in the police station. The latter was escorting A2, one of the two women being investigated. Lee offered to help with the investigation and the colleague agreed to it. 

Lee escorted A2 to the interview room. At the time, A2’s hands were handcuffed. He ordered A2 to sit on the long bench.

During the interview, Lee told A2 to walk to the walkstation where he was seated. He asked A2 to masturbate him. A2 was reluctant but later agreed to the request. 

Lee also asked A2 to perform another sexual act on him and A2 agreed despite her reluctance.

On 11 December 2017, A1 was called to the Police Cantonment Complex. She met with a police officer and told the latter about the incident involving Lee. Two days later, A1 filed a police report and Lee was then arrested.

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