Exoskeleton leg lets you 'sit' while standing

This exoskeleton lets you ‘sit’ while standing

It straps to the legs

and disperses the wearer's bodyweight

Japanese startup Archelis designed it

for factory workers, surgeons, chefs, hairdressers

or anyone who has to stand for hours in one place

KATSUHIKO SAHO, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER, ARCHELIS,"Our product is a exoskeleton that helps to reduce the burden on the legs and waist for people who work long hours. The advantages of our product are it allows people to walk or move while wearing it and people can put it on easily regardless of their body shape or size. Another advantage is that the product can be used without a power source. Currently we are planning to distribute from around April this year. It is a very lightweight model, weighing 2kg on each leg, and I think this product could help workers in the factories. Also we would like to expand overseas such as to the U.S. later this year."