Fahrenheit's Aaron Yan outed as gay after ex-boyfriend alleges that he three-timed him

Teng Yong Ping
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Aaron Yan has apologised for causing trouble for his friends and manager after an ex-boyfriend accused him of cheating. (Photo: Getty Images)

Taiwanese singer-actor Aaron Yan has been outed as gay in the fallout of a disgruntled ex-boyfriend accusing Yan of cheating on him with two other men.

It appears, however, that Yan’s former lover could be spreading fake news with regard to the artiste’s alleged infidelity. Yan’s management agency HIM Music has denied the reports and one of his implicated ex-lovers has stepped forward to defend him.

Taiwanese magazine Mirror Media reported on Wednesday (7 November) that Yan’s former lover, referred to anonymously as Mr A, had told the publication that the celebrity was in a relationship with two other men, nicknamed Mr B and Mr C, while dating Mr A.

Mr A also shared photographs that allegedly show Yan kissing three different men.

Mirror Media magazine reported that an ex-boyfriend of Taiwanese singer-actor Aaron Yan claimed that the artiste was three-timing him.

HIM Music released a statement later that day that appeared to deny that Yan is homosexual, saying media reports about the scandal were untrue and that Yan’s reputation had suffered as a result. The agency said the men photographed kissing Yan were his friends.

HIM Music’s statement refuting reports that Aaron Yan had three-timed his former boyfriend.

32-year-old Yan, who is a member of boy band Fahrenheit, apologised on the same day for causing trouble for his family, fans and label.

“I am deeply sorry for failing to properly manage my private life, causing it to be revealed in such a way,” Yan wrote, according to Shanghaiist. “I’ve always treated everyone with sincerity, but I’m also an ordinary person with my own shortcomings, failings, and feelings.”

“I once revealed my true feelings to another person, but, when it ended, I didn’t properly handle the situation and it turned into something that I did not expect,” he added.

Yan acknowledged his sexual orientation directly in an interview with Next Magazine, where he said that his parents had a difficult time accepting that he is gay after they found out about it in his youth. He said both his conservative parents even threatened to commit suicide after suspecting that he was gay.

One of Yan’s ex-boyfriends, Mr B, has reportedly spoken out to defend Yan, saying that he did not cheat. He said that he started dating Yan this year but Yan had dated Mr A, Mr B and Mr C at different periods of time and not simultaneously. According to the 21-year-old university student, the disgruntled ex had a messy split with Yan some time ago.

Fans of Yan were shocked as he had previously never spoken about his love life, although he had been romantically linked to both men and women. He was also spotted visiting a gay club in Shanghai in 2012.

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