‘Fairly OddParents: A New Wish’ Trailer Introduces New Godchild Hazel: ‘We’re Back, Baby!’

Nickelodeon is rebooting its beloved animated series “The Fairly OddParents” with an all-new storyline in “The Fairly OddParents: A New Wish.”

Headed back to the sound booth to reprise their roles as Cosmo and Wanda are Daran Norris and Susanne Blakeslee, respectively. And this time around, their characters will be looking after 10-year-old Hazel Wells, voiced by newbie Ashleigh Crystal Hairston.

“We’re back, baby!” Cosmo and Wanda say in the new trailer for the 20-episode sequel series, which lands on Nickelodeon on Monday, May 20, at 4:30 p.m. ET.

Instead of crafting a completely original show from scratch with a character like Hazel at the center, Nickelodeon has placed her into Timmy Turner’s pre-established universe, which includes a reimagined Fairy World and the new city of Dimmadelphia.

In the half-hour premiere episode titled “Fly,” Hazel attempts to run away from home, but she she soon learns that her quirky neighbors are Cosmo and Wanda in disguise. Here’s the network’s full series synopsis, below:

“In ‘Fairly OddParents: A New Wish,’ 10-year-old Hazel Wells has just moved to the big city of Dimmadelphia because of her dad’s new job. On top of being in an unfamiliar environment, it’s the first time she’s been without her brother, Antony, who’s just left for college, leaving her lonely and unsure of herself. All that changes when the pink-and-green-haired neighbors next door reveal that they are no ordinary neighbors … they’re Cosmo and Wanda, Fairy Godparents! And they’re coming out of retirement to make all of Hazel’s wishes come true.”

The series is produced by Nickelodeon Animation in Burbank and is co-executive produced by David Stone (“Teen Titans Go!”), Lindsay Katai (“Infinity Train”), Daniel Abramovici (“The Peanuts Movie”) and Hairston. Fred Seibert (“Adventure Time”) and Butch Hartman (“The Fairly OddParents,” “Danny Phantom”) serve as executive producers. Production is overseen by Nickelodeon’s Claudia Spinelli, senior vice president for TV Series Animation, and Kelley Gardner, vice president of Current Series, Animation. The series is overseen by executive in charge Neil Wade.

The original series, “The Fairly OddParents,” ran from 2001-17 with 172 episodes, numerous movie specials, three full-length live-action films and the short-lived spin-off, “Fairly Odder.”

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