Fan Bingbing is under house arrest?

15 Aug – With no words from Fan Bingbing since she was reported MIA following her tax evasion scandal, new rumours have emerged that the actress may have actually been on house arrest.

As reported on TVBS, sources recently alleged that the actress, who was rumoured to have been arrested by the authorities, has actually been placed under surveillance by the Ministry of Public Security in Beijing.

They claimed that not only is she being watched, Fan was also "not allowed to turn off the lights".

On the other hand, another source described the place as a "high-class small mansion", but that the actress cannot leave the place without permission. She reportedly also has to pay a hefty amount of rent which will be settled once the whole case is over.

The Ministry of Public Security has declined to respond to the rumours.

(Photo source: Fan Bingbing Instagram)