Fann Wong and Christopher Lee to reunite on screen after 14 years

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee (Photo: Cinema Online)
Fann Wong and Christopher Lee (Photo: Cinema Online)

Mediacorp actors and real-life married couple Fann Wong and Christopher Lee will be acting in the same drama for the first time in 14 years, after “Always On My Mind” in 2003.

They will be starring in the upcoming Channel 8 drama, “Doppelganger”, which is set to premiere next year on 13 March. This will also be the first drama that they are acting in together after getting married in 2009.

On Thursday (20 July), at a press conference for the drama, 45-year-old Lee reportedly said, “When we first got married, it felt embarrassing to act lovey-dovey scenes because it would be like broadcasting our lives at home.”

Wong added, “I was worried that audiences would not be able to differentiate between what was real and what wasn’t, so we decided to stop acting together.”

46-year-old Wong was also quoted as saying that acting opposite her husband was difficult because she kept bursting into laughter, which resulted in “NG (no-good) takes” and having to touch up her make-up because she would laugh till she teared up.

However, the couple agreed that they could easily get into the ‘mood of a particular scene’ because they already know each other very well. Wong and Lee’s onscreen romances on Channel 8 dramas include “Return Of The Condor Heroes” in 1998, “Looking For Stars” in 2000 and “Madam White Snake” in 2001.

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