FAQ: What you can or cannot do under newly-tightened COVID-19 measures

Markings for social distancing are seen on the floor in front of a food stall in a food court in a shopping mall in Singapore on April 3, 2020, as the government imposed tighter restrictions to combat the spread of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. (Photo by Roslan RAHMAN / AFP) (Photo by ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP via Getty Images)
A food court in a shopping mall in Singapore. (PHOTO: Roslan Rahman/AFP via Getty Images)

SINGAPORE — Singapore announced another slew of tighter measures on Tuesday (21 April) to pre-empt escalating COVID-19 infection, ranging from closing down more businesses to temperature screening at all supermarkets and malls.

What can Singapore residents do or not do under these new measures? Here is a handy list of frequently-asked questions:

Q: Can I buy bubble tea, cake or desserts at my usual mall outlets?

A: You will not be able to buy them. Standalone food and beverage (F&B) outlets (excluding those in hawker centres, food courts and coffeeshops) that sell only beverages, packaged snacks, confectioneries or desserts will be required to close their outlets.

However F&B establishments, including outlets that sell hot/cooked snacks or breads, are allowed to continue operations.

Q: Can I visit the F&B outlet at my nearby park after I have done my exercises?

A: You cannot. All F&B outlets, convenience stores, retail and recreation outlets, as well as food vending machines in the parks in Singapore are closed. All car parks in gardens, parks and nature reserves will also be closed during this period.

Q: Can I cut my hair at my regular barber shop? Can I perm or dye my hair as well?

A: You cannot. All hairdressing and barber services will be required to close their outlets.

Q: Can I go and make a new pair of spectacles?

A: You can, but you must first make an appointment with your optician. Optician shops can operate by appointment only, and can no longer accept walk-in customers.

Q: Can I buy food for my pets? Can I seek treatment for my sick pet?

A: Yes, you can do so, but only via online. Pet supplies stores and retail laundry services must close their physical stores, but are permitted to provide online sales and delivery. Veterinary services will also be open for emergency, non-elective services, including hospitalisation. No pet grooming or leisure activities are allowed.

Q: Can I buy health supplements from my usual traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) retail store?

A: You cannot. TCM establishments with Ministry of Health-registered in-house TCM practitioners are allowed to open for consultation and dispensing of related TCM medication only. Walk-in retail is not allowed.

Q: Can I go out to visit my ageing parents?

A: You cannot visit them for social gatherings such as family dinners. However, you are allowed to assist any individual who has a physical or mental disability, or is below 12 years of age or above 60 years of age, with his or her daily needs. So if your parents need such assistance, then you can visit them during this period.

Q: Can I go out for my regular physiotherapy treatment?

A: You should not go out for medical treatment, unless it is either for a suspected COVID-19 infection or for an urgent nature. Medical treatments which are not urgent, such as regular check-ups or physiotherapy, should be postponed.

Q: Can I go for a group jogging session with my regular running mates?

A: You cannot go for group recreational activities. You can, however, do your recreational activity alone at parks.

Q: Can I plan on moving to my new house or apartment during this period?

A: Yes, you are allowed to move to another place of accommodation during this period.

Q: Can I go out and attend a court hearing or report to a law enforcement officer during this period?

A: Yes, you are allowed to leave your premises to report to any law enforcement officer, or to attend at any court in accordance with any warrant, summons or order made under any written law or order of a court.

Q: Can I go out to have my meals at food and beverage (F&B) outlets?

A: You cannot dine in at F&B outlets from 7 April onwards. This applies to restaurants, hawker centres, coffeeshops and food courts. You can only order take-away or delivery meals from these outlets, but you should not eat any food or drinks on-site while waiting for take-away food.

Q: Can I place bets at Singapore Pools outlets?

A: You cannot do so. All Singapore Pools outlets will be closed as they are not considered essential services.

Q: Can I visit attractions like Singapore Zoo, Universal Studios Singapore or the casinos?

A: You cannot do so. All attractions, theme parks, museums and casinos will be closed from 7 April.

Q: Can I do my regular recreational activities at gyms, country clubs, swimming pools and fitness studios?

A: You cannot do so. All sports and recreation facilities, as well as recreational facilities in hotels, will be closed from 7 April.

Q: Can I go to a post office to send an important parcel?

A: Yes, you can do so. Postal services will remain open.

Q: Can I go to my regular computer shop to repair my laptop?

A: Yes, you can do so. Shops which repair consumer electronics, IT peripherals and household appliances will be open.

For more information on businesses and services that will remain open, visit this website.

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