'Farmhouse Fixer' Star Jonathan Knight Details "Filming Nightmare" After Fans Bombard Him With Questions

On the latest episode of Farmhouse Fixer, Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin took on the renovation of a clam shack-turned-house in Essex, Massachusetts. The project was close to home for Jonathan, who said, "Essex has been so near-and-dear to my heart. I've been here 35 years...it's just such a special town."

The circa-1910 Dutch Colonial gambrel-style house had been added onto over the years, and was in need of some attention from Jon and Kristina. They lovingly renovated the home with respect to its history and waterside location.

The homeowners were thrilled with the reveal, but the nature-inspired bathroom got special attention from viewers. The serene space features a wall of antique birds, new tile, and an antique dresser-turned-vanity. But viewers bombarded Jon and Kristina with one burning question: Why doesn't the shower have glass?

Jon shared behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram and was asked, "Why were there no doors on the shower? You are going to get everything wet every time you take a shower," "Loved it! But glass for the shower?" and "I love what you did but do not understand the new shower in the bathroom. It is right next to the sink. Won’t everything get wet?"

The NKOTB star hopped in the comments section to offer an explanation. He wrote, "glass goes in after filming is done. Glass causes too [many] reflections in a small space." He responded to another comment with, "we install it right after filming. Small spaces and glass makes for a filming nightmare."

Kristina shared photos from the space on her Instagram account and was faced with the same question: Why was there no glass enclosure on the shower? Won’t the wood on the vanity get wet?" The designer explained: "timeline, TV operates at a much quicker timeline than our other projects and glass still takes weeks and weeks to come in. So the glass is there now it just didn’t make it in time for filming!"

Well, that makes perfect sense! Thanks for clearing that up, Jon and Kristina!

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