February's PlayStation Plus games include Foamstars, Rollerdrome and Steelrising

There’s also a two-hour trial for Spider-Man 2.


Sony has revealed the PlayStation Plus monthly games lineup for February, and it’s pretty solid. There’s no clear headliner here, but a trio of nifty games are about to hit the platform, including Foamstars, Rollerdrome and Steelrising. Also, a two-hour trial of the beloved superhero simulation Spider-Man 2 drops on February 6 for PlayStation Plus Premium/Deluxe members.

If we had to pick the biggest game of the bunch, it’d be Rollerdrome. The dystopian roller-skating sim is absolutely fantastic, with a neat 1970s aesthetic, comic-book style visuals and a timely message about corporate greed. It’s also really fun to play, which is why it made our list of the best games of 2022. It even made our list of the best PS5 games of 2023, and that was back when you actually had to pay for it outright.

We already knew Foamstars was hitting PS Plus this month, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. This is Square Enix’s attempt to capture some of the magic of Nintendo’s Splatoon franchise and it's actually a day-one release for the platform. Foamstars is a 4x4 online party shooter, just like Splatoon. Unlike Nintendo’s game, you use foam as a primary mechanic instead of paint.

We haven’t written about Steelrising, but it’s a pretty cool riff on the Soulslike genre, trading a fantasy setting for a steampunk vibe. It’s set in an alternate history version of Paris in which robots quelled the French Revolution. It doesn't get more steampunk than that, though I haven’t played long enough to see if Jules Verne somehow shows up via time travel. The combat is fun though.

Fall Guys is also getting an avatars pack as part of this drop, including costumes based on characters from the Ratchet & Clank franchise. All three of the aforementioned titles will be available to PS Plus members starting February 6 and until March 4. To that end, some titles are leaving the platform this month. You only have until February 5 to add A Plague Tale: Requiem, Evil West and Nobody Saves the World to your digital library.