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Feel the noise with a premium set of Alpine speakers

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Everyone loves music, and it’s even better when it sounds great. Get your hands on an amazing Alpine speaker to elevate your listening experience. It’s a great time to be a music lover. There’s more music than ever, and it’s easier than it's ever been to discover and find your next favorite song. What hasn’t changed is the importance of a great set of speakers to listen to your favorite music -- how can you enjoy your drive if you can’t depend on your audio system?

Alpine car speakers are designed to reproduce an efficient, high-quality sound, which is crucial if you don't want to waste your time or money on a long search. These speakers are available in various sizes, so they can fit into practically any vehicle you own. Alpine is a recognized leader in the high-end car audio industry, offering quality speaker systems for various vehicles. We've reviewed some impressive, top-of-the-line Alpine speakers that can help add some enjoyment to your boring commute. 

Our picks of the great Alpine speakers of 2022

Alpine SXE-1725S Speaker: Recommended

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If you love music and want to hear it the way it’s meant to be heard, you need to check out these Alpine SXE-1725S speakers. Their subwoofers are made from rubber and polypropylene materials, which decisively reproduce sound. Each speaker in this set has a non-detachable polypropylene woofer cone that’s built to deliver the bass you need to hear your favorite artists in their full glory. You’ll also find a soft dome tweeter sitting atop each woofer cone in these Alpine speakers, and this tweeter helps bring out the higher frequencies that you should be able to hear when you're listening to music. These speakers can easily handle up to 220 watts of peak power, which is pretty solid, and they’ll work in factory speaker locations so there’s no need to modify your car.


  • Clear, crisp sound quality

  • Durable and built to last

  • Small, compact design


  • Does not work well without an amplifier

Alpine S-S65C-S Speaker: High quality

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Alpine is the industry leader in high-quality compact speakers and subwoofers, and this S-series speaker set is no exception, with its high-quality design, excellent sound, and affordable price. These 6.5" speakers contain 1" silk dome tweeters for smooth, natural highs and a 6.5" woofer with a one-piece carbon fiber cone for impressive low-frequency reproduction. These speakers are designed to fit a wide range of locations in your vehicle, making them a solid, versatile choice. These Alpine speakers also include an amplifier mounting kit and mounting hardware for hassle-free installation, and they’re available in multiple colors that can match your car's interior. These speakers have a frequency response of 70- 22,000 Hz with a sensitivity of 88 dB and carbon fiber cone material, making them perfect to use with any amp or receiver.


  • Easy to set up

  • Come with an effective wiring system

  • Offer high-quality surround sound


  • Instructions are poorly written

Alpine PWE S8 Speaker: Great value

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These Alpine PWE S8 speakers are designed for the same performance, fit and finish as your vehicle's original equipment. Using the same materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, these bad boys deliver a high-quality sound from your car's factory radio. They're also a great choice if you're installing a new radio and want to upgrade your speakers at the same time. The subwoofer and 120W amplifier on these Alpine speakers come with a cast aluminum enclosure, providing a solid base to support the driver and amplifier. This duo offers a 32–150 Hz frequency response and a power rating of 120 watts RMS, and the amplifier is housed inside the enclosure for a small, compact device that you can easily install inside your vehicle.


  • RMS power offers a cleaner sound

  • Multiple controls to customize your listening experience

  •  Sturdy aluminum enclosure for extra security


  • Won’t fit alongside heating ducts

Alpine S-S10TW Speakers: Budget option

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The Alpine S-S10TW speakers are an easy-to-fit speaker upgrade designed to improve the performance of your car’s sound system. Their attractive, compact design is coupled with an exceptional sound quality that can make your driving experience more enjoyable, and these speakers feature a polypropylene woofer cone surrounded by rubber which can significantly improve the woofer's resistance to damage from road vibration and impact. This 1” Alpine speaker’s polypropylene cone is fast to respond, has solid damping characteristics, and is exceptionally light and rigid. The woofer's rubber allows it to move quickly while also flexing to absorb amplifier output and vibration that might otherwise be transferred to the vehicle.


  • A lightweight cone helps minimize inertia

  • Compact design for an easy fit

  • Sleek, attractive design


  • Somewhat difficult to install

Alpine SWT-S10 Speaker: Also consider

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Do you want -- or even need -- more bass? The Alpine SWT-S10 single tube subwoofer can help you out, delivering an impressive 1,200 watts of bone-rattling bass power -- the perfect amount to produce a booming, satisfying bass that can be felt from three blocks away. These Alpine speakers are great for anyone who wants to have fun with their music, and it’s a perfect option for your budget-minded bass needs. You’ll easily be able to find a spot for this speaker in your car, and it’s easy to install, with mounting straps included. The speaker also comes with a grille, so you can rest assured knowing that they’ll be safe from damage.


  • Durable, premium construction

  • The sealed, compact design makes for easy storage

  • Easily produces a high-quality sound


  • Floor speaker -- can’t be adjusted in the cabin

Buying guide: Alpine speakers 

Alpine car speakers are made with manufacturing technologies not found in other brands, which is why they can offer better performance than other speakers and have taken the world by storm. 

Factors to consider

Several factors come together to create the perfect set of Alpine subwoofers. Pay special attention to the following things:

Speaker size

Although size doesn’t always determine a speaker’s quality, it sure helps in making the sound powerful and room-filling. Too much of anything can be harmful, though, and this applies to speakers as well -- speaker size should be proportionate to your vehicle’s space and your budget. If you’re a starter who’s looking for something within your budget, go for a 6x9 or 6x8 Alpine speaker.


When it comes to Alpine speakers, quality matters. Alpine speakers come with RCA ports, which can be used with an aftermarket receiver or stereo system -- this is why it’s essential to check the compatibility of your Alpine speakers before trying to use them with your car’s audio system. If the speakers aren’t compatible with your stereo system, you may face a problem while listening to music.


The watt output of the speaker refers to how much power it can handle and is usually measured in watts. Alpine makes a range of speakers, some specifically made for car use and others for home audio. If you’re looking for car speakers, you should always choose ones with high watt output.


The main thing that affects sound quality is impedance, usually expressed in Ohms. Since the impedance of a speaker is directly proportional to its wattage, you should choose a speaker with an impedance as close to the amplifier's rating as possible -- for example, if the amplifier you choose is rated at 4 Ohms, you should find a speaker with a 4-Ohm rating. If you fail to do this, you might have to turn your stereo’s volume too loud to get the right sound.


The sensitivity of speakers is the measurement of the speaker's sound for a given amount of input -- a higher sensitivity rating means that the speaker will produce more sound per watt of input. Sensitivity is measured in decibels (dB), and it’s pretty easy to find this number for many speakers in their respective product manuals. A speaker with a sensitivity of 92 dB will produce more sound than a speaker with a sensitivity of 88 dB when they’re both driven by the same amount of wattage. 

Benefits of using Alpine speakers

Alpine car speakers have been on the market for 40 years. They offer great value, and they’ve long been a sought-after speaker brand by car audio enthusiasts thanks to their high-quality sound. 


Alpine speakers are well-known for the clear audio output and excellent bass sound that they can deliver. Alpine speakers are famous for their clear, crisp sound and their ability to let you turn up the volume without suffering any distortion. Alpine's class D amplifiers are engineered for high-efficiency power output, great sound, and minimal heat. A Class D amp is also a highly efficient design, which means that it can provide more power in a smaller, lighter-weight, cooler-operating package.


Alpine speakers are also known for being light and easy to install. There’s no need to cut holes and modify your car, and everything can be done easily and quickly. They’re also pretty affordable, and for a reasonable price, you can get some excellent quality speakers.

Incredibly compatible

Alpine car speakers are designed to be compatible with many vehicles -- they can be installed easily in nearly any car as long as the speaker size and specs fit.

Alpine head units

Alpine car speakers are designed to work perfectly with Alpine electronics, and they work especially well when matched with Alpine head units.

High-quality tech

Titanium-laminate tweeters and top-grade silk-dome mid-range woofers help provide high-quality sound output. The tweeters are coated with titanium-tweeter domes that allow a broader dispersion pattern -- the larger the sound dispersion, the better the overall frequency response, and sound quality. Many other brands use plastic-domed tweeters that produce a narrow response pattern, resulting in lower overall frequency response and poor sound quality.

Types of Alpine speakers

The two main types of Alpine speakers are coaxial and component. 

  • Coaxial speakers -- coaxial speakers are usually a pair of 6.5” speakers, but can also be found in 5.25” dimensions. Coaxial speakers are designed to facilitate single mounting in a round hole 

  • Component speakers -- component speakers typically come in pairs of two tweeters, two mid-range drivers, and two 10-inch woofers. They’re usually sold separately, requiring the buyer to connect them, and they’re designed to be mounted individually.

How to maintain Alpine speakers

Alpine speakers are pretty durable and relatively easy to maintain -- all you have to do is keep these speakers dry and clean. 

  • If you use them in your car, keep liquid away from the speakers so they don't get damaged

  • Clean your speaker grilles with a soft cloth after every use. It’s also advisable to clean your speakers using car audio cleaning kits 

  • You can also use a clean, dry toothbrush to gently remove dirt and dust from your speakers, or wipe them with a clean, dry cloth

  • Make sure to use a separate cloth for cleaning purposes. Using the same cloth for cleaning and wiping your speakers will only lead to the spreading dirt and germs

  • If you use your speakers for an extended period, you might need to lubricate their motor with some oil to help them run smoother and last longer

Alpine Speaker FAQs

Q: What is the standard size for Alpine speakers?

There is no standard size for Alpine speakers -- they come in a variety of sizes. Products like the CDA-9847 are small and compact, making them perfect for cars, while larger speaker systems like the AS-H541 are more suitable for a home stereo system. Size all depends on how you’re going to use your speakers.

Q: Are Alpine speakers waterproof?

In general, speakers are not waterproof. They can be somewhat water-resistant, but water will still be able to get in and cause damage to the electronics inside.

Q: How long can Alpine speakers last?

In the past, speaker drivers did not last more than a decade -- but times have changed, and today many speaker drivers can last up to 50,000 hours. The main reasons why your speakers might stop working before 50,000 hours are if the cones have been damaged by dust, moisture, or other factors.

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