Female operator of massage parlour who pressured 2 men into sexual services fined

West Wellness Spa at Citigate Residences (PHOTO: Google Street View)
West Wellness Spa at Citigate Residences (PHOTO: Google Street View)

SINGAPORE — A woman who pressured two men into accepting sexual services from her and her masseuse was fined after her massage establishment was found to be without a valid license.

Mika Lin Yi Hui, 49, operated West Wellness at Citigate Residence Located at Block 186 Rangoon Road when two men, aged 19 and 21, entered her outlet for massages.

However, Lin appeared topless in front of each man and pressured them into accepting unsolicited masturbation services.

Lin was fined $5,000 on Monday (14 February), after she pleaded guilty to one count of providing massage services without a valid license.

The outlet also failed to satisfy conditions under the Massage Establishments Order (Exemption) Order 2018.

Customers and members of the public were not able to see the massage services provided, from inside or outside the premises due to the glass walls being obscured by stickers. Massage services were also administered in private as the beds were blocked from view by opaque curtains and/or partitions.

The outlet also provided massage services after 10.30pm to the two men.

Lin had been managing the operations at West Wellness since August 2020. Her son, Weng Yize, 30, was the company’s sole proprietor. Weng faces a charge of allowing his mother to provide massage services without a valid license. His case is pending.

Appeared topless

The massage outlet had at least two other women working there, one was a 44-year-old female masseuse.

The two men visited the outlet near midnight on 10 February last year for massages. They agreed for a one-hour body massage at $50 each. The 21-year-old man then paid $110, including a $10 administrative charge.

After the payment, they were led into separate cubicles divided by wooden partitions. They were told to undress fully, but both men kept their shorts and underwear on.

Lin then entered the 19-year-old man’s cubicle and began massaging his buttocks. She told him to turn over and massaged his legs before touching his genitals. The man objected and said “no” repeatedly to the unsolicited service. Lin then left without a word.

Five to 10 minutes later, she entered with the 44-year-old masseuse. Both women were topless.

“The accused took (the man’s) hands and rubbed her chest with them whilst (the other masseuse touched his genitals). Both kept saying “money money” to (the man). (The man) refused at first but eventually agreed to pay for the extra service. (The other masseuse) then left the cubicle after a short period of time,” said the prosecution.

After the masturbation service, Lin took the man’s wallet from his trousers and handed it to him, asking for $100. The man took out the cash and gave it to her.

Meanwhile, a female masseuse massaged the 21-year-old man for a while before leaving. Five to 10 minutes later, Lin and the other 44-year-old masseuse appeared in his cubicle topless.

“When they tried to massage him, he resisted and told them that he only wanted a normal massage. They stopped and left. The accused then entered (the man’s) cubicle and told him that they were not providing normal massage services due to the Chinese New Year period,” added the prosecution.

When the man asked for a refund, the women demanded that he pay more money. The man asked what the payment was for and the two responded he “had to pay because the two masseuses were half-naked”. The women promised to continue with the massage and the man paid $100 for the extra service.

Later, the women tried to pull his shorts down but the man resisted. He eventually gave in.

Upon meeting up with each other after the sessions, the men asked the women for a refund of the original payment but were refused. The 19-year-old man then called the police saying, "We came to this place to relax but they forced us to pay for something they never do. Took our wallets and cash, even took my friend’s debit card and forced him to pay and asked us to leave."

When the counter employee learned the man had called the police, she tried to return him the money and asked the men to leave.

For carrying on the business of providing massage services without a license, Lin could have been jailed up to two years, or fined up to $10,000, or both.

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