Feng Tianwei given support from STTA to participate in international competitions

Feng Tianwei (Reuters photo)
Feng Tianwei (Reuters photo)

Feng Tianwei will be allowed to compete at the international level after the Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA) confirmed it will support her participating in the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) World Circuit.

However, her participation will be subjected to “specific terms and conditions being met by both parties”, the STTA and Sport Singapore said in a joint statement released on Friday (4 Nov).

The current world No. 5 was unceremoniously dropped from the national team last week as the STTA looks to rejuvenate the table tennis team.

The move took many by surprise, given that Feng is Singapore’s most bemedalled Olympian.

It appears that the STTA has relented though. Friday’s statement clarified that the “STTA will continue to consider the three-time Olympian for selection to represent Singapore in international competitions” if she meets the selection policies set, which will be revealed in due course.

It was also confirmed that Feng will remain a recipient of the spexScholarship that is governed by the High Performance Sports (HPS) Steering Committee.

The Singapore Sports Institute chief Toh Boon Yi said: “For the scholarship to continue, it was dependent on the ability for her to continue playing at the highest levels of the sport and be in fair consideration for selection to represent Singapore.”

STTA chief executive officer, Wong Hui Leng, added: “We are happy to agree with the HPS Steering Committee to continue supporting Feng Tianwei through the spexScholarship.”

In a statement, the 30-year-old paddler said she was happy to be given the opportunity to continue representing Singapore, and thanked both the STTA and HPS Steering Committee for their support.